Boardgaming in 2019!



Fuck discourse.


Ok neat, we’ve played all three of those.

Agree with Craig that Oz is easily the best of those, followed by Noside. Tombstone Express was decent but there’s a really gimmicky dexterity bit that annoyed me. It just seemed like a weird addition as a time suck. We just ignored it since it had zero impact on the actual game other than stealing time.

If you have time to do all three, would do them in the Noside, Tombstone, then Oz order. I think it’d be best to have at least one other Unlock under your belt before taking Oz on.

We haven’t played Last Tale but I also agree with Craig on the others he listed. We’ve also done The Island of Dr Goorse, which had a really neat final puzzle for us, though a good chunk of the early part of the game has you split up your group. My wife & I usually do the Unlock & Exit games on our own as we feel they work better in a really small group.


I suspect I’m only going to have time to play one tonight. I bought the pack to play with the family over the holidays, but we never did in the end. So I’m bringing it to a gaming night as a fallback if the main game doesn’t go over well, or we just fancy some variety.


I’d go with Noside in that case, if you think they might be up for another later on. Oz is great but it’s more complicated than some of the others and I’d hate for the fun to be tainted by any complications.

If it’s truly a one-shot then maybe go with Oz and see how it goes!


Get on it. You can see my review in the slack channel I wrote a few days ago for @ChristienMurawski

In short I loved it. There were a couple of really cool machines too, particularly the end. Very thematic.


Looks like it’s part of a newer 3-pack - will pick that up when we finish the Exit games I just bought a couple weeks ago. I need to make a list of all the ones we own, the ones we’ve done, and the ones we haven’t picked up yet so I don’t lose track!


Yup, just came out a month ago. Picked it up at my FLGS a day after release. So it is new.

They’ve already announced their next set too.


Finished my first season of Charterstone in 3rd last night. I won 3 of 12 games but made a lot of mistakes.

Doing games 4 and 5 of the second campaign I’m in tonight. No wins so far but I have set myself up for big moves tonight. Fingers crossed!

I’ve seen a lot of complaints about CA and most seem to be run with less than 6 solid players commuted to the season. 6 is the only way to play IMO!


Late arrival this week

I haven’t played Chronicles of Crime but it’s reviewed pretty well. I kind of bounced off Detective but picking up this game (and expansion) to give it a try.


I’ve played a few Unlock, so I can’t tell you which is best. They’re all good, as far as I can tell.

What I will say: Don’t play with more than 3 people. Otherwise you’ll have a lot of people sat around being pretty bored.

edit: I see this topic has already covered and it might already be “too late”!


Speaking of which, I read that Chronicles of Crime isn’t great with more than 2-3 people either. Was planning to try that out the other night but will likely save it for a couples game with my wife instead.


Bigger groups work if some (most) of them are kids. In my experience, they synergize well and have different puzzle-solving strengths. They also gain and lose attention span, wander off to do other stuff, come back, etc so the group shifts and ebbs and flows which works fine for this kind of thing.


We usually do four. My wife and another couple. A few we’ve had six, Scherezade for example a third couple joined.

It’s fine. We all have kids so the extra hands allows a few to float in and out as children dictate.


Well, if you get bored with your gaming group, whatever you need to add some spice to OH ‘SIX’… nevermind.


I think you’re damning a game with faith praise if you suggest that it’s great because you can just get up in the middle of it and walk off :)


I mean, I think it’s great that there are a wide range of options in board gaming. I like highly strategic games, but I also like more casual ones. I’m just suggesting that with kids, the Exit games are great because they don’t demand 3 hours of committed time from them. There are puzzles that they can drift in and out on. That’s not faint praise; it’s just understanding what context a particular kind of game can be useful in.


Exactly. I mean for my group the ability to drop in and out of play for periods of time isn’t a criticism, it’s a feature.

I know @tomchick is a huge proponent of games where every player is engaged at all times. And I get it. Those can be great.

But until the kids are well and truly asleep, which means staying over at someone’s house as well as not starting until at least 9 which caps the length at 3 hours tops, for our group that’s a non starter. Games where you can take your turn, but then go away for a few minutes to deal with a toddler are essential to a reasonable game length. Just walk away after your turn and if anything impacts or involves you we will shout out. Player down time fits more naturally the cycle of what is playable.


So, probably more Boardgaming 2020 news, but we are getting a reprint/new version of Avalon Hill’s Dune involving the original designers.

I’m really pumped about this. This is a game I have been dying to try, but never found a copy in good state at a reasonable price, plus, it’s a little bit too long. I’m hoping the new version redesigns a little to cut on playing time.


Oh, hell yes. I did manage to get a copy of the original in fine condition, but will happily buy a new version. Rex never quite filled that void.



Yeah Rex really missed the mark. They tried speeding it up by shrinking the map and doubling move speed, then did nothing to rebalance all the factors that relied on that large map and slow movement.