Boardgaming in 2019!


These are laser cut counters! The black stuff is soot.

I’m jealous, my game’s components are not of a very high quality.

Use a damp towel to take out the soot. Just damp, not wet. Dry towels can work to, just don’t rub too hard.

Do you have photos of the new counters?


Thank you very much for the instructions, the cleaning is underway.
I’ll get photos once this is done. The counters sure are clear cut, especially the rectangular ones. They are quite thick, like a couple of standard counters being stuck on one another.


I like Don’t mess with Cthulhu, deluxe looks cool.

We unboxed my copy of Elder Sign last night and beat both Yig and Shubnigurath. Thumbs up!


Whelp, I did it. Busted into the Gloomhaven box. The suction on the lid when I tried to open it was…intimidating. 😲

But once inside it was about what I expected. Lots is sealed little boxes and decks. And while there are a lot of chits to punch out it doesn’t seem horrible.

Anyway, I’ll post any further adventures In the Gloomhaven thread. But here it is in its full glory on my kitchen table. 👍👍👍


Here we go:

I find it very irritating those counters and stack of counters are misaligned. I need hobbit fingers.


Now I’ll have images of misaligned stacks of counters in my head all day driving me insane. So thanks for that!

Edit: closeups of counters like this are far too interesting/exciting. I may have a problem


Anybody played the physical version of this?

Victory Point did a 2nd edition last year with much nicer components like they have for other games. The Kickstarter included a digital version, which I just picked up the iOS version and seems awesome. I’m surprised this wasn’t brought up when I was looking for light games that can accommodate 5 back in November.

Co-op and competitive modes, playable solo, up to 7 players. What’s not to like?


What is it? I can’t see Steam hosted (and a few other) images at work.


Gem Rush


It has the most generic possible app store trash name they could have picked. I would never look or think twice about a game with this name at a glance.


Fair, but it shares the name with the board game.


I kickstarted the board game version of Hand of Fate and finally arrived. I’m excited to try it out this weekend. I loved the card artwork in the video game and I’m pretty excited to have them in physical form. Guess I’m a sucker.


Oh no, you caught me doubling up comments! Yeah, I know, but it’s not, like, a great name for a board game, either…


True, lol. I mean, you aren’t wrong.


I got the ugly copy aka the earlier version. Some of the counters are misaligned too. At least yours will be nice to hold in the ✋


Played every scenario twice now in Arkham Horror 3rd edition (Echoes of the Deep 4 times until we could beat it), and I’m not sure about the replay value anymore.

There’s a slight but more variance than the card game scenarios, but not much and certainly not to the level of Eldritch Horror. If we did play again, it would just be self made challenges like beating scenarios with the weakest investigators.


Anybody ever have any experience with A Handful of Stars? It looks like copies are still available through Grey Fox Games, and I was considering picking it up.

I see that @Juan_Raigada has played and liked it, but he didn’t give much detail. I never played A Few Acres of Snow or Mythotopia.


I played it this weekend. I suggest getting this. The enclosed rules are not the best.


Thanks for the tip! My box came with “Rulebook 2.0” which made me think the new print run has better rules. No idea if that’s the case though.


One important rule we missed is you can only place one visitor per dinosaur. We also missed that increasing dinosaur capacity (paddock levels) requires money. I think by the time we got to the end we were too impatient and just skimmed.

This writeup on BGG looks like a good quickstart too. I am not sure what I don’t like about the official rules. I think they are too wordy, maybe.