Boardgaming in 2019!


What? Even more new games this week!?


Oh man, that Resident Evil game looks sooo derpy. I must have it!*


* Not really**

** But that doesn’t mean I’m not curious


“Now every turn you start with the movement phase. You have to choose, each turn you can either rotate left or right, or move forward…”


I’m also interested in a game of Food Chain Magnate. I’ve played a couple of times in real life but I think there were a couple of people in my (small) gaming group who didn’t care for it so it’s going to be difficult to get to the table again.


OK, I’ll add you to our group. We’re gonna start with TGZ, but I’ll probably put together an FCM game after the weekend.


FCM expansion is up for pre-oder.

I’ve heard RE2 is not a bad game it just looks like a very terrible game.


If there was a more than 0% chance of ever bringing physical FCM to the table, I’d order that in a heartbeat.


I haven’t played FCM, but from watching review/rules videos, it seems like a game which could be better as a computer game. There seems to be a LOT of counting and calculation which could easily be automated to make planning, distance, pricing, movement, less thinky and move along the play.

Having played something as simple as Splendor online a bit, it’s hard to imagine playing it in clunky cardboard version and having to count things myself. Maybe I am just lazy.


It’s funny that you use Splendor as an example. I have only played Splendor as a digital game and find it kind of bland and boring. I’ve often thought while playing it that maybe if I had physical components that I got to collect and hold maybe the game would be more fun.


We got some super grognard nerd wargame in today called America Falling. I’m sure some of you will be excited by this but my eyes just glaze over:


I am a grognard and my eyes have already glazed over :)


If the cover is a representation of gameplay, then the faction which controls the strategic petroleum reserve is definitely going to win.


Yeah, not a great example of the genre, judging from reviews.


Well why do you think the map is Texas!


Just nostalgia, but…


I far prefer the physical version of Splendor. The components are so nice and satisfying to move around. And let’s face it, there isn’t a while lot of counting to do in Splendor. Definitely not one is choose to play digitally.


Has anyone seen this news yet?

Looks like your typical FF production. 2nd Quarter 2019 release.


For me, Century Spice Road blows Splendor out of the water. It is such a beautiful game and plays a lot better (IMHO)


Fantasy Flight’s page for the game opens with a quote from Solo: A Star Wars Story.



Finally got to try Spirit Island. I like a lot of things about it - learning it with 2 other new players and 1 vet was a bit rough. 2nd game, with 4 of us including 1 newbie went more smoothly. Will definitely play some more.