Boardgaming in 2019!


Yes, The margins on Mechs vs. Minions are probably some of the lowest in the industry. The production values of the game are insane.

And the game itself is pretty cool, if limited in scope and a little long for what it is. Still one of the few games I do play co-op and not solitaire, so that’s a pretty big achievement in my book.


I haven’t played the original as I was hanging for the Dredd version, so I’m not familiar with the rules.
According to this review on BGG these are the differences:


Why does Judge Dredd care about food???



“I am the slaw!”
– Judge ‘Spicy Vinegar’ Dredd


That’s 3 years in an Iso-Cube for you. Insubordination.

Hm. I have never before thought about this, but Gordon Ramsay could totally play Judge Dredd.


Keep in mind that $400 is for the base game. There’s hundreds, actually I think well over a thousand bucks worth of addons for a complete set of gameplay-relevant content. To say nothing of the cosmetic addons.

But yes, small run high quality minis are expensive, and then I am sure there’s profit margin.


It’s not small runs. The second edition/printing (1.5) got about 20k KS backers, which is really high. As other have said, the margins here are very high and they are making money at 50% costs, so over 50% margins is likely (they sell direct, so there’s no distributor or exhibitor in the picture).

As for expansions. The current 12 expansions sell for a combined $800, so that would be $1200 for a full set of game+expansions at store price, which is certainly insane. I would have never got into this had it not been for the KS offering stuff at half price. And it was still a budgetary stretch at the time.

I recommend people play the game, but I can’t recommend people buying it.


I am not sure how that compares to say, FFG numbers, though. And the pricing was probably established with the first run, which wouldn’t have been as large. Anyway.


Apparently it’s really expensive to make the plastic molds, and especially so because these are super complex models. But then once the molds are made, they’re pennies to print. So the first KS may have been somewhat break-even despite taking in 2 million or so. This new KS, is pure profit on the original stuff, though.


I’d assume, at 20k, they’re using some kind of distributor.

Unless they really WERE selling direct and you, as an EU Citizen, still had to pay import/VAT on it?


They are using a shipping/warehouse service (in several locations so you don’t pay VAT in the EU), which is not a distributor. You pay directly to them and then they pay another company to store and ship. A distributor buys in bulk and resells to stores at a higher price or gets a share of the merchandise it gets stores to stock and sell.

And they charge you for shipping, so really all they are paying for is warehousing and packing.


Pete’s is a great hot sauce and I like this joke!


it’s Soylent Green, part of the mythology…


No need to get fancy


Board game packaging is getting weird.


Hey @Vesper we finally got My copy from you of Reef to the table last night. Both it and Gizmos have shot up in popularity with my gaming group this month. This was my first play and I really dug it. Thanks again!


Awesome. I haven’t played Gizmos yet but I really like Reef. The way the cards are designed is quite clever in that you have to always be planning ahead. You never get resources that help what you are about to get points for. Glad your group is liking them!


Yeah it’s a pretty cool mechanic. I have no idea what the strategy is to win yet tho =)



I just got my Aeons Legacy delivery this week. TOO SOON.