Boardgaming in 2019!


I had no idea this was a RftG game until I pulled up the artwork for this post! Now I’m intrigued and will check it out at some point.


Money, of course.


The designer did a nice write-up today that talks about how the game came about and who it’s for. I love Race and Jump Drive (and his older game Phoenicia) so I’ll be picking this up. I think it’ll be easier for me to get to the table since it sounds like it has a bigger focus on first play experience, whereas Race and Jump Drive both take a couple games to enjoy. The goal system sounds really cool as well.


Thanks for that! I’ll give it a read, even though I was mostly just being snarky. I didn’t realize somehow that it was the same designer as Phoenicia- we just played that again after a long hiatus. We actually issued to play it all the time when we didn’t want to break out it’s bigger brother Scepter of Zavandor, one of my group’s favorites.

Of this series, I think I like Roll… the best, followed by San Juan. Race… was all about knowing every card in the deck and building a strategy (something I hate). Roll and SJ had just the right amount of depth/strategy/luck to them and made for nice filler.


We’re opposites there! For me it would go Race, Puerto Rico (you added San Juan, I’m adding PR), Jump Drive, Roll, then San Juan. But I also love all of them and am always happy to play any.


One just has to admire how Rio Grande manages to recycle the same graphics over and over again. Talk about using every part of the buffalo.


Yeah, I should have done that. Ah well. I was still waffling when the deadline hit.


They may let you late back when the pledge manager rolls out. I don’t recall offhand what they said about that but I think it was yes.


OMG so many Phoenicia fans! I thought I was the only one who liked that game!


Has anyone played Seal Team flix?
I’m really tempted to pick it up.


Guy I trust over at Stately Play seemed to really enjoy it. I have no personal experience of it, however.


Kolbex you get extra points for your avatar!
Yeah. It just sounds like a good time with the right group.


Opinions wanted.

Saw Hitler’s Reich and was considering it as a gift. Looked like an interesting strategic WWII card based game, sort of like a more grognardy Quatermaster General. Plus it advertises solotaire play. $70 price tag though.

Anyone have experience with the Escape the Room games? I’m a big fan of the Exit series, not so much the Unlock series. How does this series compare?

Been hearing good things about Axis & Allies & Zombies. Does the praise actually hold up? I consider A&A a classic but it’s way too narrow with only one “correct” opening turn and strategy, something that has held true for every incarnation of the game. Does this fix that? Was surprised to see it was only $40.


Got a copy for Christmas but haven’t yet had a chance to play against anyone. Reading through the manual though, it looks like a kind of Axis and Allies Lite, a good way to introduce people to the game possibly. I think it’s designed to keep the pace moving constantly, sort of like speed chess.


My wife and I bought Far and Near today at our local Barnes & Noble. Since Board Gaming Geek had it at 8/10, and my wife liked the art style, it seemed like a decent chance for our first “modern” board game.


Yeah, they have a post on the kickstarter page for Late Backing. I might just hop in on that. Thanks.


Anyone play Chronicles of Crime or Detective: Modern Crime
I’m debating on picking one up.


I strongly dislike Chronicles of Crime:


Reminds me that I recently tried playing Mythos Tales, essentially an exact clone of Consulting Detective except set in Lovecraft’s Arkham. It threw in a couple new twists in that there’s a limited amount of time to investigate, after which you have to go answer the questions. Getting the right answers got you a certain amount of points, and you needed a certain amount to win.

Which would have been great, except there didn’t seem to be any actual mystery solving. Going to the right location just flat out told you an answer, and getting to the right location was pure chance. It seemed like 90% of the answers were in the “generic” locations (police station, doctor’s office, town historical records, etc) so the whole case was just randomly choosing a generic location and lucking out that it told you something.


One of the Waypoint crew (Austin I think, but maybe Rob or Patrick), was raving about Detective. Almost picked it up on the back of that, but I still haven’t done all the SH: Consulting Detective mysteries yet.