Boardgaming in 2020: the year of the, uh, post-minis era? We can only hope!

Would it be a bridge to far to mention that one of the decks has red numbers and the other has white numbers?

Ah, that would make sense, since it would actually be easier if you could get rid of your cards on both decks.

Just to add to your comments. Nemesis is fantastic. Easily my most played game of 2019. Every game tells a story. I think Voidseeder and Carnomorphs are okay. Carnomorphs play like a unstoppable zombies, while the voidseeders are very Cthulhu. You may not fight monsters much but you will go insane. You don’t need them but they’re a fun. Aftermath I’ve only played the short game. It’s okay The characters are interesting and the room tiles are great to mix into the base game but again not a must. I’m still not sold on lockdown just yet. I would like to see how their new alien works and yet not one playthrough or ks video about them other than they are in the game. Some of the other stuff like the corporation tiles seems cool but feels like it needs some work. I’m sure it will be addressed but I can’t help but get the feeling of big hollywood sequel with all the explosions that ends up feeling way more shallow than the original.

I suck at shuffling cards gently. Typically I sleeve my cards because it makes shuffling easy and I don’t have to worry about smashing and bending all my corners. But there’s got to be a better way! Does anybody here use card shufflers in their gaming? Any good ones that can take cards of various sizes in addition to standard poker cards?

P.S. How the hell can @tomchick be so inexperienced with card sleeves but play Onirim, the most shuffle-heavy game I’ve ever seen? Does he just not care if his cards wear down to nubs?

Finally finished the Mansions of Madness 2E run we left hanging when we finally got a quorum for King’s Dilemma. The sailor, author, and reformed cultist had to break out of a Silver Twilight dungeon. Once we regathered our bearings we did okay, but unfortunately, as the Reformed Cultist I took a little bit too much Horror and went Insane, a little before what seemed like the tail end of the scenario. Turned out, my insanity was that I hadn’t reformed so much and needed to sacrifice a fellow PC to Shub-Niggurath. If I did, I immediately won, otherwise I wouldn’t win. Well, it required me to be in possession of a bladed weapon (I had obtained a Ritual Dagger, quite appropriate) and alone with just one other investigator at the start of my turn. Problem being, I had long had Kleptomania, so there was no good excuse to end my turn in another player’s space or I’d steal from them. So I let the sailor move into our new hallway and my space as the first move of a turn, then Explore a nearby room. It didn’t seem relevant to escaping, and seemed oriented at a Lore character (his Lore? 2. Mine, 5.), so when I failed to convince him not to move in on pure “why bother” territory, I did succeed at telling him I’d investigate instead. And…started the turn with just him and my dagger. slash

The best tutorial I found for shuffling cards ist this. I still think it’s difficult, depending on what cards you use, but it’s a good compromise between brutal rifle shuffle that leaves your cards in ruins and the overhand (?) shuffle which doesn’t shuffle properly.

In the first thirty seconds of his video, that guy perfectly demonstrates how I shuffle (except with fewer broken and bent cards afterward). Thanks for the video. Of all the things I watch and learn on Youtube it didn’t occur to me to look for a shuffling tutorial. After decades of doing it wrong I guess I had just become fixated on my innate inability to smush cards together without hurting them or myself.

Another Kickstarter game has arrived and I am still working on 7th Continent.

Is that a big box version of the 2 previous boxes + some more content? Looks very cool. Though I still haven’t worked through half the previous content.

For solo play, I would recommend one of the cool playmats you can find online for the game. They make housekeeping during a turn a lot easier:

Yup. All existing content for the game plus the new Bugpocalypse expansion (which I think was available separately for previous owners, but I’m not one of those), survivor miniatures, and a GameTrayz storage insert.

Very cool. A bit of storage help wouldn’t hurt, especially for the tiles. Though the dividers in the original edition and a few plastic bags mostly do the trick.

Having now opened the box, it’s not a full box insert, it’s a few molded trays that take up one of three valleys in a standard cardboard insert. Bit disappointing, that. Still, might be all one really needs.

New games!


That Black Widow deck looks fun, and I bet it will be popular. Are many of you playing the Marvel LCG?

I am! I have Black Widow in the mail, very excited about another Justice hero. It’s my favorite aspect to play at the moment. Though I think Ms. Marvel Leadership is my favorite deck so far.

Hey look it’s another Plaid Hat game that promises a bunch of support with future expansions and more content but will be abandoned by its creator with nary a whisper of anything more ever again. I’m not really bitter about Tail Feathers or anything… am I?

Any chance you’ve got Echoes of the Past for Arkham LCG? Been trying to find that one for a while now; it’s the last one I need from that cycle.

It’s actually reviewing so well I’m grabbing a copy for myself. But yes, I am fairly cynical on Plaid Hat crossroads games.

Backordered at the moment but I will see if I can get one for you.

The answer is Tough Cookie.