BoB Lives!

GMX announces Battle of Britain: Wings of Victory.

LONDON, UK (November 5, 2004) - GMX Media and Shockwave Productions have announced they have decided to produce a new WWII air combat game entitled, “Battle of Britain: Wings of Victory!” Earlier this year, GMX Media acquired rights to the former and critically acclaimed “Rowan’s Battle of Britain.” Shockwave Productions is developing the new title, which is scheduled for release in early 2005.

“With the huge success of Firepower Shockwave were the obvious choice for the development of Battle of Britain: Wings of Victory, we are glad to be working with the great guys at Shockwave again.” commented COO for GMX Media, Eugene Perry. “Development is going well and on time, the game is looking fantastic, we look forward to showing it to the public.”

“The original game from Rowan released in 2001 is still the most complete and authentic reproduction of the Battle of Britain ever done. Battle of Britain ‘Wings of Victory’ is building on this strong foundation to create something truly special. Every member of the team brings passion to their work and it shows in the quality of the game,” said Scott Gentile of Shockwave Production Inc.

Release Date: February 2005!

This is very good news. BoB was Rowan’s swan-song, an incredible piece of work that was (unfortunately) released far too soon. Thanks to the source code being released, a group of happy sim-hackers have really brought this up to snuff. I’m glad to see the sim once again has official backing from the folks who made the “now I can justify my purchase of CFS3” Firepower add-on.


I live!

I live!

Ron, Howard!


For a second I thought maybe this would be about the Born On Boards playing a role in Halo 2.

I’m a huge afficianodo of the BOB - it was easily one of the most dramatic and history changing events of modern history. I never got completely into Rowan’s implementation because, as he said, it was released in a less than polished form. This is incredibly good news - I’m so excited I’m going to have to wait a few minutes before I get up and walk out of my office lest I offend my secretary…

BoB was amazing, I think.

I never did quite figure it out or get past the point where it crashes.

BoB is an amazing sim, a testament to Rowan’s ability to make fun (if buggy) sims. It’s funny, I sold my copy last year, and just purchased a new one to play again. I’ll probably get this new version regardless. BoB, while buggy, did well in immersing the player into some of the biggest air battles I’ve ever seen in a sim.

BoB, flawed or not, stayed on my HD even longer than any other flight sim and it’s still there. (Though I still need to get around to picking up that Promised Land addon for Red Baron 3D). While I found the strategic game caused me serious crashes just playing through the massive one shot scenarios or as missions as I could in the strategic game before it crashed was a rush like nothing else. Huge formations of bombers, tangles of dogfighting plans, volumetric clouds, and the great radio dialogue, loved the occasional incidental banter, and options really brought it to life.

This is a must buy. Absolutely!

Firepower and Wings of Power are both just amazing. The WOP planes are among the best ever done for FS2004, in both looks and flight models. So I’m pretty darn excited about Scott and Shockwave doing this.

In the meantime, I might better run and grab that BOB open-source update while I still can, eh? (Did those guys ever update MiG Alley? That’s a sim I’d like to see tweaked…)

Now, let’s work out a white paper on how to do a good view system, since of course they’ll want to replace that in the new BOB (the one thing Rowan never could do well). We can CC: Oleg…

More good news: it looks like Shockwave is also looking at reworking and re-releasing B-17 II: The Mighty 8th. This is another “shoulda been, coulda been” sim by Wayward that was way ahead of its time in many areas, but eventually got torn up by the rivetheads expecting EAW 2.


Oh that would be fantastic!

Good game but it died due to lack of multiplayer. Like it or not multiplayer has a big influence on the longevity of a flight sim.

Wow that would rock if they took a stab at B17 II.

Rats. I thought you meant ClanBob. They’ve been off the air for a few months now.

Oh that would be frigging awesome. I liked B-17 II a lot.