Bob Odenkirk is an action badass Nobody

Since this is directed by Ilya Naishuller, who directed Hardcore Henry (masterpiece that I backed on indiegogo and actually got to enjoy in a cinema, it’s amazing) as well as the minimasterpieces below, I am expecting Nobody to be fantastic as always.
Bob Odenkirk in action scenes is something I didn’t know I wanted, but I totally want it. Someone has to replace outgoing Liam Neeson.

Has Ilya Naishuller ever directed something that wasn’t shot in first person before?

Wow… that’s some blatant use of boobs as clickbait!

Only some other music videos

Indeed :) Those boobs no doubt contributed to the viral spread of the video and it getting noticed by the likes of Aranofski and Bekmambetov which then led to Hardcore Henry, so…good job

Guess we’ll find out if my love for Bob Odenkirk can overcome my distaste/disinterest in this Naishuller dude.

Here ya go…

Yeah it is crazy to see Saul Goodman kicking ass like that, I love it

Alright, I’m in. It worked for Keanu Reeves, so why not Odenkirk?

I also appreciate the “In Theaters Only,” which most certainly won’t be true.

I’m down. So, so down.

Is John Wick a genre now? Is everyone going to get a turn at being John Wick?

Guy who used to be a badass killer but has tried to leave that behind isn’t exactly a groundbreaking theme and it certainly wasn’t invented by John Wick.

The “John Wick Genre” would be that narrative setup paired with surprisingly physical performances and choreography from actors who either aren’t traditionally action stars, or would have traditionally aged out of those roles.

Yeah it’s very old hat, when I first saw trailers for Wick I wondered if it wasn’t an adaptation of Thomas Perry’s Sleeping Dogs (Butcher’s Boy book 2)

You mean like Denzel?

Or Liam?

Maybe it’s not a meaningful distinction, we may just be dealing with a difference of degrees, but but I’d argue there is a difference in the physicality required of John Wick and Atomic Blonde—and Nobody if the trailer is any indication—and what Neeson offered in Taken. I haven’t seen The Equalizer, would I be wrong to assume it’s closer to Taken than to John Wick?

Please no more thread titles that start with someone’s name! My immediate thought is ‘Oh god, Bob Odenkirk is dead!’ before reading the rest of it. That split second sucks though!

Yeah, it’s not worth arguing really. You’re right that John Wick amped up the action and perhaps that’s enough to create a new genre.

I saw your post and thought Ken Jeong totally needs one of these movies.

That would be amazing.