Bob Ross painting game coming to DS & revolution?

This had better not be an april fools. Bob MF’ing ross? I’ll buy a revo at launch for that. Best white man fro ever.
Bob Ross Video Game.

Bob Ross Inc. has announced in March 2006 that they have filed a letter of intent to license to Joseph Hatcher’s AGFRAG Entertainment Group to develop exclusively worldwide video/computer games based on Bob Ross’ creative, unique and easy to learn painting techniques and TV show properties.

The Bob Ross video game, currently untitled, is planned to be developed for PC, the Nintendo DS handheld & on Nintendo’s next-gen system coming later this year, code named Revolution. Release date was not announced. AGFRAG is currently seeking a publisher.

AGFRAG’s Director of Development, Joseph Hatcher, has this to say about the announcement:

"I grew up watching Bob Ross on PBS and was always in awe of how quickly and smoothly he made these beautiful paintings, which helped inspire my creativity. There are generations that know Bob Ross and his painting techniques, and I want to share his talent with future generations in a new medium.

The Bob Ross game will utilize the unique inputs that the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Revolution have that can truly immerse the players while they learn to paint like Bob Ross and can play the addictive and fun games that we have planned for the title. I believe that Bob Ross Inc’s and AGFRAG Entertainment Group’s similar beliefs in independence, creativity, and teaching others will benefit how the game is developed and how the players of all ages will be able to enjoy this game.

I want the community to share with us their favorite Bob Ross shows, painting techniques, and what they’d like to see in the NDS and Revolution games. We want to keep the brush going."

The Joy of Painting is seen on nearly 300 public television stations throughout the United States, and is broadcast in Japan, Mexico, The Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Turkey, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Costa Rica, Canada, Colombia, Iran, Greece and others.

Contact: Joseph Hatcher • Bob Ross Video Game Development/Forum •

It is rather hypnotic, isn’t it?

Oh, sweet lord. I have an unhealthy fascination with Bob Ross and this will feed right into it. Pray for me.

Dude, I’m already standing in line for my revolution preorder after reading this.

Christopher Lowel is making an interior design game as well. Who knew!?

Revolution is a codename?

I will buy a Revolution just to make fucking happy trees.

Is Bob Ross the true next gen killer app?

Bob Ross > Chuck Norris

Bob Ross > all

Seriously though, this is genius. Not only is it well suited to both the DS and the Revolution, but it has wide and unusual demographic appeal – something Nintendo is trying to work on to make their system/games appeal to everyone in the family – not just the geeky son/husband.

If it can help my painting skills then I’ll buy it on day one.

Could totally see this as a rhythm game and/or with that funky Revolution controller.

All I need to know is does the game come with a strap on afro.

I’m holding out for the William Alexander game so I can weild “zee almightly brush”.

Bob Ross is god. I do, however, feel a bit creeped out by the estate of the deadman trying to make fat coin with videogames.

Thank god he seemed like such a happy man, because there is something sad about pasty faced overweight 12 year olds who have never seen a real tree playing a game involving a thin nature loving hippy who carried squirrels in his pocket.

Just load up your brushes like so
whatever feels good
here we go

Whatever happen to this game? in december 06 they said it was canceled and then the next day they said it wasn’t. Yet here we are 3 years later. Rossless.

Scroll to the bottom:

What I like most about this picture is it is on the front page of a google image search for my name, thanks to the article it’s illustrating.

The real missed game opportunity here is a Bob Ross vs. Thomas Kinkade head to head game.


I’m really surprised Marc Ecko did not pick this up, he was fawning over this hypothetical game in a couple of interviews.