Bohemian Rhapsody: Rami Malek IS Freddie Mercury


The thing is, for me, the rise of Queen, what they released, that it became a hit, and their leader singer being so beloved and well who he was, I wouldn’t have believed any of that if it hadn’t actually happened either.

So yeah after I see anything historically or factually based I usually spend some time looking up the real thing. Live Aid in the movie and Live Aid as recorded, it’s close. It’s never going to be exact, but I don’t think they could have found better actors for those roles. Then again, most the critics, professional and otherwise, dislike the layout of the movie and/or the writing, not really the performances.


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I feel that way about a lot of “historical” movies.[/quote]

I do too, man. I mean, it’s almost a given that things are changed, downplayed, exaggerated, stretched, or left out. It is what it is. Historical, based on a true story, etc are all the same. Things are highlighted based on the options of the writer.

But that’s ignoring the rest of the movie, where he nearly nailed every look, mannerism, and sound of Freddy.

I do think his performance in the actual movie (where they showed more in Live Aid concert,) was very close to the actual, which again, we only have one film source of. Rami and others could only go with what they saw/had.



Interesting interview. Thanks for sharing that.


It was pretty cool to see the movie winning the Golden Globes last week, as well as Rami Malek getting an award for his performance as well.

The latest news on the movie is that it’s coming back to theaters as a Sing-Along version for 750 theaters or so across the country. I have never heard of such a thing. I would love to go and experience it, but I don’t think I can get away to the theaters around this time of year. :-(

If anyone gets to experience the sing-along version, report back!

P.S. While I was watching the movie the first time, I could hear several people in the audience singing along quietly around me. I was singing as well, trying to be quiet so no one but myself could hear me. My friend who went with me did dig into me with his elbow once though, so I must have been too loud.


Mamma Mia was in theaters in a sing-along version, IIRC.


Straight Outta Compton should do this, too.


For band movies I think Straight Outta Compton was a better film.

But I am a Queen fan (imagine that) and was really quite entertained and liked this movie more because of the subject and music. I understand the choices they made to make the movie more dramatic; the joining of the band, the breakup, the AIDS diagnosis are all fabricated to provide a stronger narrative to the story. Frankly, I would have stuck to the real life story a bit more and shown Freddie overcoming AIDS in his own way by making some of the best music of his life. I would have either ended it with the Show Must Go On performance or the end of the video of I’m Feeling Slightly Mad interspersed with his death (

The shot-for-shot recreation of Live Aid was tremendous. Having watched that performance dozens of times it was eerie to see it redone so precisely. Rami Malek did a great job as did the other band members. I swear it looked like John Deacon was playing himself.