Boise State - Oklahoma (Fiesta Bowl)

That may be the greatest, craziest ending of any college football game I’ve seen in 10 years.

That is all.

I concur.

edit: and that includes the cheerleader proposal.

Indeed. By the RB who scored the final 2-pt conversion, no less. What a riot.

Boise State made the gutsiest set of calls that I have ever witnessed in a game. Somewhere, Schottenheimer was watching the game and crying out that they had ruined football.

They were the right calls, not necessarily gutsy ones. OU was going to give those plays up, and Boise St. had nothing to lose.

One of these days, OU’s going to learn not to cheat to stop the run so damned often. Hopefully it doesn’t happen during my lifetime. :)

You’ve got to have a serious set of balls to call the following with the game hanging in the balance:

  • a hook-and-lateral on 4th and 18 at midfield with 0:18 left
  • a halfback option pass on 4th and 1 at the 5
  • a Statue of Liberty play on the game’s deciding 2-pt conversion attempt

Total craziness.

I’m so bummed I missed the end of the game. Watched the first half but then ended up going out to dinner with my mom and sisters. When we got home my dad was telling me how I missed the greatest finish of the Bowl season (which is a big deal since we were pretty excited by the way the Beavers closed out the Sun bowl). I did get back in time to see Ian Johnson propose.

I’m really glad Boise State won this game. They are a very high quality program and did not get the respect they deserve. The entire pregame was about how the best BSU could do was not embarrass themselves. After a bumbling start is was Oklahoma that needed to prove they had a right to be there. This is twice now that the non-BCS teams to make it to a BCS bowl have one. Every time it’s happened, in fact. Maybe now people won’t look down their noses at Pac-10 teams for playing Wac and MWC non-conference opponents.

How can you not love a team that pulls a statue of liberty play to decide the game?

That was also a really bizarre set of downs for OK’s 2 point try to tie.

Boise ran the halfback option twice in the OT, right? The RB ate the ball on the first attempt (which was the first play of the OT). The one they did on 4th down was a variation of it (with Zabransky going in motion).

What a fun game… a far cry from the Boise State that was scratching its eyes out for respect year after year, went to Georgia last year and got pummeled. This time they finally got it all together, nearly blew it, then pulled out all the stops for a wild win.

— Alan

Great game. I was glad to see OU battle back and make a game of it.

Regardless of the play used, I really liked the decision to go for the two point conversion. Oregon State did the same thing in their bowl game and it worked.

I remember hearing that the starting RB for Boise State would be 3rd string for OU (and he might be).

Nice to know that in this day and age that the star running back still dates the head cheerleader. That was a nice touch at the end.

The Boise State win again proves how utterly fucking lame the BCS is.

Decide the championship on the field like every other NCAA sport (including the other levels of football), thanks.

Is there a better video?

As it happened:

— Alan

Thanks Alan!


Johnson, 21, from San Dimas, Calif., ran into the end zone on a so-called “Statue of Liberty” play to score the winning two-point conversion as underdog BSU beat the Oklahoma Sooners 43-42 in overtime on Jan. 1. The Broncos ended their season 13-0 and wound up ranked No. 5 in the final AP poll.

Johnson, who will be a junior this fall, proposed to Popadics, at the time a Broncos cheerleader, on the field after time expired in the game in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Since then, Johnson said he’s received phone calls, 30 letters and, in some instances, personal threats from people who objected to his plans to marry Popadics.

The article.

It was too much to hope that everyone would be happy for them?

I was sure this was going to be about the NCAA 08 commercials that are running where History is rewritten and Johnson gets stacked up.


Hehe, very nice :)

What that article doesn’t come out and say, but just implies, is that the pre-wedding threats have been from racist dipshits who object to the fact that he (a black man) is marrying a white woman. The Seattle sports radio hosts have been expressing shock and dismay all day that IN THE YEAR 2007 THIS SORT OF THING WOULD HAPPEN. The sad fact is, this kind of bigotry isn’t limited to inbred Idaho backwaters and is far more pervasive than most would want to admit.

Maybe it’s something you don’t notice or experience unless you’re a “race mixer” but it does make me want to move my family to Hawaii where Hapa is the norm rather than the exception.

It’s probably a bunch of sore-loser Okies.

Yeah, I’m kinda annoyed with that commercial, but they did put Boise State on the cover, so I guess it’s a wash.