I still see it as gimmicky myself. It looks like it could be a good game without the sunlight part, but can it be played that way? I sometimes have a hard time seeing anything on my gameboy when outside.

As for best GBA game, isn’t Final Fantasy Tactics: Advanced coming out this year? That’s top of my list, followed by Fire Emblem. Onimusha Tactics might be good too…see a trend?

What about 2:45 am gaming? You’ll be stuck in a situation where you have to… survive… till… sunrise!

I wonder how this will affect replayability. You could play the game a few times and use that sun at different times of the game. You could play a full game at night and finish by sneaking around (it must be possible).

I think it sounds pretty damn cool and I don’t care if you guys think it’s a gimmick…I think it’s great to see a developer that’s trying to do something different and using a neat non-game technology to make a cool game.

Everyone wants new gameplay experiences until they get them…then they bitch about how they’re all gimmicks. Developers simply can’t win.


Different is fine. But my gripe is that, as a player, I am penalized in-game for reasons that are completely unrelated to the game itself. If I can only play the game at night, and my in-game character is weaker because of that, I feel cheated…why should it matter when I play the game?

Dave, you know the difference between new gameplay and a gimmick. BMX XXX is a gimmick, NOT new gameplay. Perhaps Boktai will be an interesting new twist, but right now it SOUNDS like a gimmick. A gimmick is just meant to draw people in, but it has no real substance behind it. If this concept has substance, great! It just seems risky right now.

Uh…Robert, the sunlight directly affects the way the game works. If that’s not substance, I have no idea what is. Why the hell is it “risky”? Are you a financial analyst with a stake in Konami? Why would you care if it’s “risky” or not?


LOL. You’d think this wasn’t a place to talk about games.

Dave, do you have a financial stake in Nintendo?

Damn, man, let it go.

[size=1]edited to reflect Dave’s desire to be recognized as a man[/size]

Yeah, I’m such a fool to not be completely jaded to every new game that comes along. Just what am I supposed to “let go” here? My opinion that this game looks cool? My opinion that it seems like a neat way to add something to gaming that we haven’t seen before? My opinion that I wish more developers would take the time to really sit down and think about ways to make their games more interesting and challenging?

Ok, man. I’ll just take a step back in line with all the rest of the sheep.

…and don’t call me “boy”.


How about your annoyance that other people think this is a gimmick? I mean, they’re raising good points here. It is a gimmick, but you’re right that it might turn out to be a good one.

It’ll be fine, you can only play for about 5 mins at a time though. Also, blatant rip-off on the name.

Yeah, I’m such a fool to not be completely jaded to every new game that comes along. Just what am I supposed to “let go” here? My opinion that this game looks cool? My opinion that it seems like a neat way to add something to gaming that we haven’t seen before? My opinion that I wish more developers would take the time to really sit down and think about ways to make their games more interesting and challenging?

Why is it that your opinion is just that. But if someone else dares to disagree then you have to question them about whether they have a financial stake in things? Thinking of a word. 4 syllables. Starts with an H.

Have your opinion. Shout it from the rooftops. Just don’t be surprised if other people want to do the same.

You must have a serious drawl to stretch that out to four syllables. ;)

This sunlight thing does seem like a gimmick but as others have said, it may turn out to be a good one. Given how often gimmicky games underwhelm, I fully understand the skepticism. I like to think that I can still approach games with an open mind when it comes time to actually play them.

Not that I have a GBA, anyhoo. :)

No, Dave. I am saying it is risky to BUY, as a consumer. It may turn out to have substance and be a great game. But it’s not going to be great just because of the sunlight gimmick. that just makes the game quirky. If it turns out to be a great game, do you really think that the sunlight thing will be the main reason? If it is, that’s great…I haven’t tried it yet. It may be the second coming for all I know. But RIGHT NOW, until I have seen it in action, it sounds gimmicky to me. As a comparison, remember Kirby’s Tilt game? That game used tilting as part of gameplay (it WAS the gameplay). But it was a bit gimmicky, and a lot of people thought the game was needlessly hard to play as a result. If Boktai can be played without worrying about sunlight (can it?) and still be fun, then that’s great. Otherwise, I think it’s a risky situation (for me to spend money on).

LOL. Creole Ned, I’m from Arkansas. And MY word is four syllables.

Hypocrisy instead of hypocrite. But with my accent, I probably could draw it out to four either way.

  1. ‘Gimmick’ doesn’t mean ‘bad’. There have been plenty of great gimicks in gaming.

  2. Just because you can’t play it doesn’t make it a bad game. I wonder if fat people think that DDR sucks? I don’t mean fat like you, I mean fat like those guys where they have to take out a wall and put them on a flatbed to get them to the hospital.

gimmick or not, this will sell it to the parents.
“Get your game-a-holic kid out in the sunlight!”

In the future, all games will be made like this.

If this logic were true, all games would play be Boktai-DDR. Kids… outside? And … excercising?

I bought this game earlier and played it for a little while. (I couldn’t resist.)

The sensor is actually very small and works equally well with the GBA SP or the GBA. This is because when you turn on the game, you’re asked to kind of calibrate the sunlight degree by covering up or making it so the sensor DOESN’T get sunlight and then the game somehow knows from there how much sunlight is normal and whether you’re playing it on the GBA SP or GBA, bizarrely enough. (I know because I tested it on both.)

Anyway, you’re also asked to enter the time in you’re first time playing, and I currently haven’t figured out whether its based on the time you enter or the sunlight it receives, but somehow day turns to night more or less based on realtime. At sunset, BTW, the sun becomes its strongest, sensor-wise, you can really notice the difference. You’re also warned not to overheat the sensor or try to throw it off with fake light, as supposedly both can damage it, but I’m not sure how easy it is to do that. As an experiment, artificial light really doesn’t seem to work. You’re also asked to specify where you live, why, I don’t know, I guess its set to different values depending on that.

Anyway, the game has a neat voiced intro (and bits and pieces of voice spread throughout, including very funky stuff this dancing flower mentor who tells you about the game says) and after that you go up to your first castle. I guess the game is on a kind of castle/dungeon theme, because each time you go in one, it tells you what time it is currently and when the sun will come up. So I guess you’re against the clock or can tell from that when it might be prudent to play.

As has been noted before, the main protagonist has a gun whose energy gets recharged by the sun’s power. If you go outside, and press A, he’ll start recharging it. There’s a little meter below the gun that shows you how strong the sun is. When its stronger, not only does your gun get back its power much quicker, but several environmental things go on, and this is often critical for puzzles. Two examples given in the games option menu show water evaporating and firetraps getting more deadly with the stronger the sun.

You can shoot your gun in any direction in the isometric environment. The bullets are very fast and surprisingly easy to aim, almost, but not quite, as if aiming was independent from walking (it isn’t, you kinda stop quickly and fire, but it works real well). You can also do a much stronger act that doesn’t go out as far and looks like a swath of watery sunlight that spreads like a combination of the Ghostbusters thingy and a water hose. This outright kills many tougher enemies, kind of like sucking up ghosts in Luigi’s Mansion, but usually much quicker. (The regular shots only stun all but the weakest enemies. When an enemy is stunned gradually, three elipses points will form, and when the last one comes, after a brief pause, they shake themselves and unstun themselves.)

You can totally tell this is Kojima’s child. The main character can look around with the R button to see enemies outside his view, he can shimmy around walls and enemies won’t see or hear him or hit him this way (its a good way to make them dizzy as well if you get them to chase you around). He can also knock on the wall to get their attention. And they all have classic MGS style abbreviation icons, such as ? when they’re confused and go back to their patrol, or when they suspect something and a ! if you’re found. Most of the control is easy to get a handle on, but I found sneaking around walls and dashing from wall to wall irritating and a bitch to get the character to do what you want to do. Maybe I just don’t have the controls down right, but it seems unrefined. You can access an inventory by pressing select and there are items you can get that restore your gun’s power as well.

As a test, I tried playing in absolutely no light and its true that you can get through the entire game if you’re not using the sunlight sensor. Usually you have to go outside to recharge the sensor and how fast you can do so depends on the sun sensor (even at night there’s enough to charge, yet slowly) but there are little holes in the ruins where sunlight will sneak in and you can use this to recharge as well. (Getting enemies to run into them will also create burnt zombie. Which reminds me, when you get attacked a whole bunch of viral little purple things stick to you and in order to get rid of them you have to go into sunlight.) There are also these creatures that multiply at night. If you shoot one, it will burst into little sunlight shards and replenish your gun. As well, no matter how much you try to play without light, I believe the sensor will always remain at the initial level and you will always be able to recharge the gun no matter what.

However, its clear that you can somewhat heavily influence the difficulty of the game with the sunpower. The aforementioned fire traps are pushovers when there isn’t much sunlight and exceedingly annoying and hard to avoid when there is. As well, clouds and shade can influence the game as well, though you can still get a charge in these conditions, and also, the way your tilting the sensor seems to have some sort of effect as well. You’re also encouraged to let the flower thing keep a kind of weather diary for you, so you can check the forecast in real life and input the info for reference in the game.

Lessee, much like Silent Hill, you can choose the difficulty level of the puzzles or the action, whichever you prefer. The graphics have lovely animation and the isometric control is much smoother than something Landstalker, the game exudes a kind of 2D cel-shaded look or something like the shading in an American comic book. I guess this is necessary, because depending on the sunlight and time of day the graphics change quite a bit.

Well, that’s just about all I know so far. Seems like a solid adventure game with heavy stealth elements and most of the puzzles revolving around light/spatial problems and the time you’re playing.


i don’t think anyone’s mentioned yet – from what i saw in the e3 version, there are little generator boxes that you can store solar energy in to get a quick fix at night/on a cloudy day. i’m sure there’s very little they haven’t considered… :wink: