Boltzmann brain

i think this is the talk where sean carroll discusses this concept a bit more but it might be another one as well.


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Maybe you could provide some summary?

apparently particles are formed all the time in vacuum. mostly particle/anti-particle pairs that then anihalate each other but in theory everything can be created from vacuum.

given recent findings in cosmology it seems like the universe is expanding at an accelerating pace. if this keeps going for all eternity there will be endless amounts of vacuum.

so endless amount of vacuum where everything can be created + endless amounts of time = everything that can be created will be created.

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i don’t think i’m being taken seriously. look these different things indicate that physics as we understand it today might alow for and even indicate the existance of the reemergance of consiousness after death. what if some of the particles that are creating your specific consciousness gets caught up in one of these new baby universes that will be created (the conditions for a new big bang will be created inside our universe at some point). Your consciousness might arise again from some other bodily form.

You think correctly, but probably only in this instance.

56 minute mark is the part about baby universes.

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Unlike everyone else, I’m going to thank the Gates, because that was a truly fascinating talk. Cosmology is cool.

the dude raises some interesting points but i dislike how he dismisses the problem with boltzmann brains with “we can’t make it through the day believing that we have appeared fully formed with all our memories because of fluctuations in vacuum”. that’s just lame man.

Ah yes, fantasies about life after death. Next you’ll be telling us about how the consciousness can be digitized or your brain transplanted into a clone…

Boltzman brains are interesting but not (I think) for the reasons you may be hoping.

Forgive me if I misinterpret what you are trying to say though.

The real question is, how do you drill holes in a Boltzman brain?

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Like most of modern physics, it sounds remarkably solipsistic.

Your consciousness might arise again from some other bodily form.

Like brain-copying. So?

Just because something might happen given an infinity of time and/or space, it doesn’t mean that you’d ever have any idea that that thing ever happened.

In other words, even if there are an infinite number of cool things out there, it won’t matter if they’re all unreachably far away.

So this argument says almost nothing about whether these possibilities could ever practically matter. It reminds me of the P = NP problem in that way: theoretically interesting, but practically irrelevant.