Bomber Crew demands that you help him, help him, help the bombardier


They made a clear game design choice, but yeah, it takes the game in a direction I don’t like. I don’t think the “reflect reality” factor is something I would use to mitigate this: Lancaster bombers didn’t fly solo missions into the middle of Germany (or really anywhere) and bomb from low altitude. Nor were they piloted by little kids. Nor did these little kids have to save their allowances from completing their chores to buy more equipment so that they didn’t get killed by Germans. Nor do I think the designers would try and use this as an “excuse,” anyway. It’s all game mechanics and I think they are chosen well for what they have designed. They just don’t excite me, or should I say, some different decisions would have excited me much more.


I’m always a little sad when we don’t agree on a game. But then I’m also painfully aware that my only real counter to this is that “bombers are so damn COOL!”

I think the points are solid, it’s a reasonably low stakes rinse and repeat affair with a bit of grind thrown in for good measure, but damn it, the design is solid, and I think the real killer hook is just having your little toy Lancaster poot around the sky, occassionally giving it to Gerry for king and country.

As someone who’s gooey for aircraft and really digs this cutesy take on the characters, that’s almost enough. As a game it’s a little silly, but as a toy? I just love it. This is my Tamagoch Lancaster! I’m almost sad they don’t make me feed and water these guys. “Phil Taylor is ready for his afternoon tea!”

I’ve named mine The Hammer. Even handpainted one on the side. And all the members are gonna grow up to join Motörhead. They’re all 9 right now, so it’s gonna be a little while.


Never make a ship’s crew disposable. They be your mates.

“clicking an[d] busywork”
“have Schrage Musik autocannon[s]”


Autocannon is an accepted plural of autocannon.


Might be more appropriate to post it here: Bomber Crew and its expansions are on sale on Steam for a few days, and I was wondering if anyone had given those a try?


Er, expansions??


I don’t know!


There’s a proper bomber to crew now, the B17.





OMG seekrit weppins!!


With homing missiles, it says on the store page. Who was complaining about the unusually large heads!


Most realistic bombing sim EVAR!


This thing flies great on one, er, … wing.


B-17s were designed to do that. I think they can even remain aloft for considerable distances with no wings.



You guys know this means another game diary, right?

Crew signups can begin below.


If you knew how big a smile reading this birthed.
I’m in, of course!


I will gladly join the march to glory.


Roger! Btw here is the USAAF link:


That trailer is so American I could shed a single manly tear.


USA As Fuck.