Bomber Crew - FTL + WWII


Remember the Amazing Stories episode “The Mission” in which a cartoonist gets trapped in the belly turret of a bomber with damaged landing gear?

What if the whole plane looked like that? And everything else? And it was like FTL?

Bomber Crew: meet the crew

Somehow, that makes me very nostalgic for this:



awwww man… 50 Mission Crush I had forgotten about that one.


You know me. I’m not typically into war-related games, but I spent waaaaay too many hours playing that one.


Definitely in for this one.


I remember that Amazing Stories episode and the one with the teacher who is cursed by the teenagers and his head becomes disembodied.


Hells yeah I do, one of my favorites. Keeping an eye on this.


I think Randall Jarrell covered this a few years ago.

Picture of the real thing from Donald Miller’s “Masters of the Air.”

There are two boardgames I know of that do this but I don’t think either one does quite the right job of making this as good a game story as it could be.

This will be very interesting to follow. Thanks for the link.


Thanks for this nightmare. Ugh. I am the sad now.


Am I the only one who likes the one made in 2000?

I thought it was pretty good. I just wish someone would remake it now that we have the hardware to simulate a formation of dozens of planes.

As for this new one they’re making, I find the art style to be pretty creepy. But I guess if we can have cartoonish pirates there’s no reason we can’t have cartoonish total war.


Loved that game.


Nope, enjoyed the hell out of that game.

I’d much rather have a new version of this, though.


Why stop there?


B-17 is a wonderful solitaire boardgame that I spent far too many hours playing. I had a whole table set up in my office that I would play a turn or 10 depending on how much free time I had.


I used to play that a ton. Yet another game I had forgotten all about. I thought I remembered some ASCII graphics, but apparently not.


Wow, that’s amazing for 1980.


Were you supposed to plot out your position on a paper map in this?


No, as I recall you just flew toward your target and typed in things like “ECM” or “evasive action” to try and shake missiles and fighters. It was pretty rudimentary but for the time it seemed amazing. I remember loading it off a tape drive.

EDIT: Come to think of it, I’m actually not sure. I do recall that you had primary targets and secondary targets. I don’t remember if changing targets was as easy as just typing that in, or if you had to be “near” a specific target to do so.


Doesn’t look that FTL to me. Also if it’s and FTL-like they should have a zombie random event


That’s what you get when you sell dope disguised as a nun.