Bomber Crew - FTL + WWII


Excellent point.


OMG it looks like that??? Hate the little kiddie vibe. I was going to buy it based on this thread but no longer. Thanks for the warning!


I am normally completely in agreement about the kiddie look. But in this case I’m willing to overlook it because the gameplay is so good. Once you’re in the middle of a furball it’s easy to ignore. At least for me.


I’m having a lot of trouble on one of the first few missions with crap going wrong. Fighters attack while I’m trying to bomb something, then people start getting hurt, I have to reload, and shit just goes haywire way too quickly. Very frustrating - are there keyboard shortcuts that I’m somehow missing?

Edit - well, was able to “complete” my 4th mission but didn’t notice one of my wheels was missing so OOPS, lost 2 crew members and my plane in a crash landing. Will have to start over.


It’s amazing either of them made it home given the casualty rates for bomber crews.


Hey @Brooski I’ll make you an offer. It seems that @tomchick already has the game. So I’ll buy you a copy with a condition or two. A Tom vs. Bruce kinda thing. You both start the game with the same basic stuff. Each of you run through the campaign. The person with the best score at the end wins. What do you say?

Extra points for making it sound like a mission log kind of thing. Like @Miramon did.


Heh. That was excerpts from a short story written before I knew this game existed :)


It actually reminded me of the movie Catch 22. I was going to cut and paste the actual text but it’s rather dark.


I’m up (down?) if @tomchick is.

Caveat is I am basically out of commission for the next eight weeks due to work schedule.


Oh, it is on. Let’s find out who can bomb Nazis better!

That should give me some time to practice.



Hey in 8 weeks there will be a couple steam sales too. :)


Not mine, but I think the strategy is solid.




So … armor or extinguishers first?




You mean the ítem or the one the that goes in the engines? You should always carry One fire extinguisher for fires inside the plane, if your engines are on fire you can always use the dive skill to put them off.


The automated ammo feed for the tailgunner is amazing. Also, if you’re struggling, I highly recommend you rename your crew to their job titles…it cuts down on the chaos substantially (works great in FTL also.) Between those and realizing there was no urgency to the “critical” missions, I’m enjoying this a lot more now.

If you want to make use of the custom plane art feature in the game and have no artistic talent like myself, here’s what you can do:

  1. Find an image you’d like to use and save it locally (I just googled Bomber Nose Art)
  2. Use your photo editing software of choice to make it 64x64 pixels (image->resize in Paint.NET), transparent background, and save as a PNG called “CustomLivery0”.
    (here’s a guide on how to do transparency with Paint.NET which is free:)
  1. Cut/paste your image file into:
    C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Runner Duck\Bomber Crew

Alternatively, this site has tons of 64x64 png icons premade, you’ll just need to rename them to CustomLivery0,1,2,3,etc:

Here’s my finished image:

On my plane:


Quick tip, SHIFT is your friend, it will let you zoom in and out from interior view. it made the game more managable during the hectic times. Also you dont have to lift off right away, i usually have all my gunners grab a reload then head back to their stations. Also save scumming works if the mission goes to shit just exit, it will say progress wont be saved.


Shift is great and that second tip is a key one. Gunners start with three ammunition mags at take off, but immediately load one which leaves a gap, so you can send them all to the ammo can during the take-off roll to get a third belt meaning you won’t have to reload as quickly during a fight.

Also, if enemy fighters are making a low attack on you (usually at medium altitude, although they will sometimes do it at low altitude), it’s generally quicker to send your topside gunner down the ladder rather than have someone come from the cockpit back to the ventral gun.


Last mission my cabin caught fire and the pilot ran ran around like crazy away from the fire, unfortunately the only fire extinguisher was the back of the plane… Was a very short mission.