Bomber Crew - FTL + WWII


Oh I meant the linked skit. Not the game. :)


Picked this up today, really enjoying it. Totalled my first crew because I didn’t have a fire extinguisher :P Crikey. Talley ho, stiff upper lip and all that.


That’s pretty cool. My first reaction on booting this up wasn’t “what’s with all the kiddie graphics?” Instead it was “why aren’t I flying a B-17?”



How do I use the fire extinguishers? Are they that red horizontal thing between the ventral gunner and the tail gunner?


For interior fires there’ll be a fire extinguisher in a rack somewhere, yes. Click on a crew member, click on the fire extinguisher and then when they have it, click on the fire.

You can upgrade racks and install new ones.

If your engine is on fire then the engineer will have fire extinguishers for each engine in his crew position, (hotkey : 2), provided you bought that upgrade.


Can also take the interior fire extinguisher to put out engine fires.

Or use the pilot dive skill.


Ok, thanks (and to @MrCoffee). Next question: How do I bail out? I click the button but everyone just sits and goes to their doom(s).


You can’t bail out unless you have parachutes. Parachutes take up spaces on those utility racks, so you’ll need enough racks to have a parachute for everyone.


WTF?? The planes don’t come with enough parachutes?? You have to buy them for yourselfs? Bah, this is not the socialist paradise of Labour Party England that I was expecting here.

I got so excited during one mission I actually yelled, “Shoot a monkey!”


The classics are always the best. :)


This is how we enforce the class structure in England.


That made me laugh aloud!


Heh. In WWI they had parachutes that worked reasonably well, but they were forbidden because the evil Trenchard thought they would encourage pilot cowardice. And the pilots were of course all gentry, being officers. So it wasn’t a class thing, even, just sheer malice and contempt for the RFC, who were all volunteers.


I want to like this game but it’s pretty aggravating. I can get over the fact that it’s a clicker, not a realistic flight sim, but I’ve still got some basic issues with it as a game.

First, I’m not actually making very many interesting decisions in flight. There’s so much busywork tagging the fighters that if I dared take a few seconds to try to do something clever I would get shot down. Without high-ranking crew members I’m not given any choices anyway. And since the choice of what altitude to fly at would be interesting, the developers decided to take it away by making navigation only possible at low altitude.

Second, my choices are meaningless because I can’t see what’s going on and why. I just had my bomber split in two and crash. Why? I was too busy dropping bombs to see whatever caused it. Maybe the fighters shot up my fuselage too much? Let me just check the replay… oh wait, there isn’t one. I’ll never know what went wrong, what mistakes I might have made, or what I should have done instead.

If anybody wants to really drive me nuts, just tell me that I’m supposed to overlook these flaws because “it’s a roguelike! Dying is fun!”


I just got the game this weekend and I’m loving it. Yes it is frustrating as hell and lot isn’t explain or isn’t obvious.

I kept trying to heal guys that were unconscious, by clicking on the first aid, and not the first aid kit. Finally realized what I was doing wrong by watching a youtube video.

I guess my only advice from a newbie to a newbie is keep trying. The game does get more interesting once you get your guys to level 5 or so. I won’t say how many restarts I went through to do this …


I watched a lot of lets plays before I bought the game, which I’m glad I did. Once you know what’s going on, it’s pretty good I think, especially when you start opening up some of the abilities the crew has.


Looks like I will be watching a let’s play very soon. My vote was picked, so none other than Tom “Shoot A Dang Monkey” Chick will be streaming Bomber Crew for Request Wednesday.

But you guys are right. I should watch more youtube videos on it. I might learn more if I’m just able to sit back and watch, not frantically trying to survive.


Finished the campaign. Took almost 150 missions total. Boy, do I have some thoughts…





It’s on Tom now.