Bomber Crew - FTL + WWII


Awesome, thanks :)


Been watching streams of this, looks great to me, will definitely pick up soon.

Even with the look of it, they do a really good job of conveying the chaos, and the limping home on one engine with your kite all shot to hell thing.


So I don’t get it - you’re in the kiddie R.A.F.? Why is your plane a Lancaster?


What else are you going to fly? A Mosquito?



Technically, I should have said “Bommah Commahnd.”


There was a lot of that in the RAF.


Looks like the B17’s are coming.

Bomber Crew devs: “surreal” success means 3 add-ons planned, including what “everyone’s asking for.”


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Get rid of the kids and you have a sale …


Oh I meant the linked skit. Not the game. :)


Picked this up today, really enjoying it. Totalled my first crew because I didn’t have a fire extinguisher :P Crikey. Talley ho, stiff upper lip and all that.


That’s pretty cool. My first reaction on booting this up wasn’t “what’s with all the kiddie graphics?” Instead it was “why aren’t I flying a B-17?”



How do I use the fire extinguishers? Are they that red horizontal thing between the ventral gunner and the tail gunner?


For interior fires there’ll be a fire extinguisher in a rack somewhere, yes. Click on a crew member, click on the fire extinguisher and then when they have it, click on the fire.

You can upgrade racks and install new ones.

If your engine is on fire then the engineer will have fire extinguishers for each engine in his crew position, (hotkey : 2), provided you bought that upgrade.


Can also take the interior fire extinguisher to put out engine fires.

Or use the pilot dive skill.


Ok, thanks (and to @MrCoffee). Next question: How do I bail out? I click the button but everyone just sits and goes to their doom(s).


You can’t bail out unless you have parachutes. Parachutes take up spaces on those utility racks, so you’ll need enough racks to have a parachute for everyone.


WTF?? The planes don’t come with enough parachutes?? You have to buy them for yourselfs? Bah, this is not the socialist paradise of Labour Party England that I was expecting here.

I got so excited during one mission I actually yelled, “Shoot a monkey!”


The classics are always the best. :)


This is how we enforce the class structure in England.