Bond. A Daniel Craig Bond. 2019.


I’m holding out for Richard Ayoade.


I’d prefer a smart alecky, House-esqe Hugh Laurie playing a very modern Bond who laments at everything, talks trash about doing stuff that isn’t necessary, but eventually saves the day with a minor action, devoid of any technical gizmos.

Okay, maybe I just want House back on.

Did Craig wave off the role in the new one?


Nope, he agreed to do one more. Now this one is absolutely his last. Unless of course it does well and they throw a money truck at him again.


Fine. I will do it. I am sure Tom can give me some acting tips and my good looks will carry me the rest of the way.



Boyle is out.


Totally fine with this. I like Boyle but I have a very hard time seeing how his style would fit with Bond. Win/win everyone realized this was a bad match. Good for Boyle, good for the movie.


Oh my god, they should totally give it to Christopher McQuarrie. I would love to see him do Bond.


Taika Waititi.


I mean James Gunn is free.


What’s Wes Anderson up to?


Reckon the fans would love for Rian Johnson to tackle this.
Swap out that damn martini for a glass of green milk!


“I am Bond!”
Wait, didn’t you mean: Bond, James Bond?
“I am Bond!”


Bond throws away his 9mm, dies of a heart attack, and somewhere in the middle of nowhere, a kid picks up a toy LEGO gun. The end.


Not only is Boyle out (see above) but the script may be lost as well. They should have printed more than one copy.


They were fools for getting rid of Danny Boyle, I think his Bond movie could have been really good. What is it with Bond movies and studio politics? - They always seem to enjoy stirring the pot with this franchise.


The should have kept Boyle and ditched Craig. Big warning signs when your star is dictating casting (and apparently directing) choices. Craig is easily replaceable, I don’t think he’s a particularly good Bond anyway, and the last few efforts in this franchise have been pitiful IMO, it needs shaking up again (not stirring).


Your subjective opinion is of course valid, but this chart shows that the Craig Bond films have been, by far, the biggest in the franchise’s history. This is why he gets a say in casting.

This only goes up to Skyfall, but Spectre continued the increasing revenue trend with over $880 million in revenue worldwide.

As long as your star is making more money for each subsequent sequel (which is super, duper rare), you don’t replace him.


I know, but I’ve grown used to being well outside the demographic of things these days. To be fair, I really enjoyed Craig in Casino Royale, quite possibly my favourite Bond movie all given, but the vibe has changed of late and Craig hasn’t really impressed me in the role since.

Besides, my post was really just an excuse to post that pun.


I hear you. The only announcement that would make me excited about a new Bond movie is Idris Elba as Bond. Otherwise, yawn.