Bond. A Daniel Craig Bond. 2019.


Once again we see how wrong people on QT3 are. The only Bond better than Craig was Pierce Brosnan.

Sadly, all Brosnan’s Bond movies sucked, except Golden Eye and The Thomas Crown Affair (which some don’t believe is cannon, be we all know in are our hearts, it should be).


Brosnan could always come back, Never Say Never Again style.


I believe the studio now has all the rights on lock down.


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I mean, I guess Roger Moore has his fans as well and some might think he is a bit better than Craig.


A View to a Kill is a top five Bond film. Fight me.


No, I can’t disagree. It’s an excellent movie.

Brosnan was in some of the worst James Bond movies, but I still think he was a great Bond.


It’s the worst film in the entire series, but also one of the most rewatchable for that reason, with Walken chewing all the scenery. And Grace Jones. O.k. you may be getting me to reevaluate, heh. The entire Brosnan run is just so bland by comparison.

Personally would love the Bond series much more if there were only the Connery movies.


Roger Moore was godawful because he played the role as a mockery of the book character. It may be true that even Fleming’s Bond is too essentially silly to be taken seriously, but the Moore Bond quickly turned into self-parody. There were some inspired comic action sequences in several of the Moore movies, to be sure, but I don’t go to see a Bond movie for the laughs. Craig is the best Bond actor since Connery (who hammed it up a bit too much too), but his scripts have not been very good, and the last couple of movies have also been overly silly. Still, at least he didn’t swim downward through the air to catch up with a power-diving plane so he could climb into the cockpit. That’s something…


THIS. Ugh remember the one where he was in North Korea and a plane crashed or something, it was so bad.


It’s stupid, but fun. And it has one of the best scores of the series. And it features a blimp with a dynamite-filled safe.


Goldeneye was pretty good. It still has one of my favorite little scenes - Bond had been given the fountain pen that would blow up if you clicked it twice quickly (I think it was twice, it’s been a while) and much later when he’s captured that super hacker guy played by Nightcrawler keeps twirling the pen around in his fingers triple-clicking the pen, while Bond furiously calculates common multiples of 2 and 3 so he can pick the right moment to swat the pen out of his hands and blow the whole place up. That one always cracks me up.


I mean, I maintain Timothy Dalton as my second favorite Bond, and Brosnan had the worst scripts in the entire series.

Skyrim might be my favorite Bond film, but I can’t stay awake through Spectre. So I dunno, he’s better than the scripts he’shadto work with.

Moore is the worst, and aside from his turn with Walken devouring the sets, his movies are nearly unwatchable. But Walken makes his film, so there is a good Moore Bond.


Yep, I’m also of the opinion that Brosnan made a better Bond than Craig, but was really let down by the bloated movies he was in. Goldeneye was fun, but his others really just went off the rails.

Reckon Craig should just move on and make way for some fresh blood now.


I’m a Connery man. I mean, I grew up watching those on TV so he’s the archetypal Bond for me. Moore was fun when I was a kid, but other than some insane stunts in Live and Let Die, it’s a cheese party now. I haven’t seen the Lazenby Bond for so long I can’t even remember what he looks like, but that entry is often cited as one of the better ones. Dalton was boring, Brosnan was perfect. Like everyone says though, other than Goldeneye, his run was the nadir of the entire series. That’s why Craig’s Bond made such an impact I think, it got back to what made Bond really great, but it didn’t last long and Craig just seems bored.

Someone in the Mission Impossible thread suggested that the last few MI movies have basically taken over the mantle. Admittedly Cruise is no Bond, but the movies feel right.


Skyrim would make a great Bond film.


I grew up watching Roger Moore, so I like his films probably a little more than I should. However I would argue Live and Let Die and The Man With the Golden Gun are both in the top five.


I love rewatching all the Bond movies every few years. I learned to love them all eventually, for one reason or another. On my last re-watch, which was in 2016 I believe, I enjoyed all the movies except for A View To a Kill. That one is just so cheesy. It does have great music, and Christopher Walken and Grace Jones are cheesy as hell. But then stunts are also so bad, the action sequences are so green-screeny, the plot is so boring, I just had a hell of a time getting through that one this time.

I actually enjoyed both of Mendes’ Bond films. Skyfall is just a visual and audio feast. As is Spectre. It’s a shame that their stories kind of go off the rails, especially Spectre. But once I start watching Bond movies over and over, the thing that I tend to forgive the easiest is a bad story. Bad stunts, bad action scenes, bad cinematography, those kinds of sins (like with A View To a Kill) are much harder to get over when viewing the movies again.


I just realized I haven’t even seen Spectre. And I call myself a Bond fan!


Beautifully shot, but Spectre sucked. It never gets better than the opening sequence. Although now that I think about it, I guess that’s an issue with a few other Bond films too.