Bond. A Daniel Craig Bond. 2019.


Spectre was fun while watching it, but the impression deteriorates once you start thinking about it.


Honestly watch the opening sequence then bail.

The opening is beautiful, and the only thing I remember.


Lazenby did a fine job but he also benefited from one of the very best scripts of any of the Bond films.


Yesterday I learned the producers were so impressed with Lazenby they offered him a 7 picture deal, which he turned down even before Service was premiered, that he was trained under Bruce Lee and starred in a number of Golden Harvest movies that Lee was to have starred in himself, and did a run of Emmanual movies. He sounds like quite a character.


Didn’t Bond casually walk around the enemy base for like 40 minutes of the movie? Heh…


Dave Bautista is the other good thing about Spectre, so maybe watch the opening sequence, fast forward to the train fight, and then bail.


That’s interesting. I’m definitely curious about what Fukunaga will do with a Bond.


Definitely intrigued! Also would have been interested in seeing a Boyle-helmed Bond, but Fukunaga is certainly a nice pick.


I had to look up Fukunaga. Neat, he directed True Detective’s Season 1. That’s great!

Oh and also, he directed a mini-series starting Jonah Hill and Emma Stone called Maniac. Apparently that’s coming out tomorrow on Netflix. So now I’m looking forward to that too.


So we’ll get a bunch of 10 minutes single shot takes? I’m down.


Nope, full movie is a single shot take. First take, too, because it’s more organic.


And if Craig forgets his lines or his dentures, it’s only because he’s getting old. So old.


Still not as old as Sean Connery during his last few movies.

A toupee hides many things.


I was referring to the “Bond is too old for this shit” angle they seem to have taken in the past few movies. Look forward to seeing missile-launching canes and laser bifocals in the next.


You know what I wish they did more of with these movies, is play up the idea of other double-0 agents out there. Remember how Goldeneye had Trevalyen, who was 006, and he needled Bond that he would always be better? It would be cool if there was some other agent, like a 008, gunning for Bond’s spot.


Are you sure you’re not mixing Bond up with Kingsman?

When did the Craig movies play up the “Bond is too old for this shit” angle? Maybe I’m just forgetting a scene or four.


They kind of did in Skyfall, but that was probably also as much about Bond being drunk and out of shape as being old.


I’m pretty sure they did in Spectre as well, though I’m kind of doubting myself now. The whole thing pretty forgettable.


Plus in Skyfall, it was about him being out of the game after his “death”.


I’d like that. I felt that Skyfall and Spectre had an Office feel, where the new kids in MI6 gradually built up the courage to needle and josh the old guy in the office, who is a legendary force of nature but is rather boring and unimaginative and not fun in office mixers. He’s survived multiple rounds of staff turnover but he always seems to have one foot in the grave. Sure, he gets his work done, but many times he fails to meet expectations, and often needs to be guided through his duties. Worse than his absenteeism and insubordination is the skeevy air of sexual harassment that often lingers around him when interacting with younger female coworkers.

That’s what the Bond of Skyfall and Spectre has felt like to me. He’s a man without peer, but is increasingly reliant on his peers. And it’s weird that Daniel Craig’s Bond was such a newbie in the first two movies and the last two he was the grizzled vet surrounded by death motifs. It’s like he lacked a middle career, but it’s too late now. Maybe Craig’s character can be killed off in the next movie, so we can see the 007 mantle be passed to the next guy onscreen.