Bond. A Daniel Craig Bond. 2019.


If it seems off-topic, stay until the end.


I still want a John Woo Bond movie.


I still want Portishead to contribute a Bond theme song, but I think that ship may have sailed.


I mean that was pretty much what Mission Impossible 2 was, don’t you think?


I can picture a Bond title sequence when I listen to “Sour Times.” Close enough for me.


Yes, but being “like” Bond movies doesn’t make Mission Impossible(s) actual Bond movies, IMHO.

Plus, we haven’t seen too much of Woo in the West lately, and I’m too lazy to go searching for foreign films :(


Would Massive Attack do? Cuz I’d be onboard with that, too.

Maybe I’m still peeved about House losing “Teardrop” in streaming releases :(


Aw man, now I’m thinking of an Idris Elba Bond movie with a Massive Attack soundtrack. That would just be the shit.


Man, that sucks for anyone who discovers the show now. I can’t even imagine that show without the flavor of that song.


It’s okay, though. They’ll still get to enjoy panning shots of all the principle cast members looking sad in their apartments in side-view set to “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” in every third episode.


Worth it, thanks!