Bond. A Daniel Craig Bond. 2021. This Is No Time To Die.

They convinced Daniel Craig to go back to the well one more time for Bond 25.

The movie will come out November 8, 2019. They just need a title, some other stars, some exotic locations, some ridiculously named ladies, perhaps a silly gadget or two, and a plot. I wonder if they might take on some geopolitical changes since Casino Royale came out: Brexit, the decline of the US as a global ally, the resurgence of Russia as an enemy. Or they might keep on cheekily appropriating and name-checking high points in the series, like having a character named “Blofeld”, without worrying too much about how they fit into the story.

Casino Royale is one of my favorite Bond movies, and the other Craig movies were at least worth watching, though I felt they had gone further downhill with each successive new movie. If they change anything for Bond 25, I hope they give Bond something more to do than 1) go to new place, 2) survive whatever is thrown at him 3) repeat.

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lol, Craig’s comments around launch of the last film was pure viral marketing.

Secret Russian enemies: actually realistic now for the first time in decades!

Maybe they should call the next one “Never Say Never Again”.

“Craig buys a yacht” is more like it.

For being the best audio/visual poetry in motion, my favorite of the new Craig movies was actually Spectre. Just the way they filmed the action scenes and mixed music and sound effects, it felt more like a piece of art to be enjoyed rather than a movie. Right from the get-go when we smoothly glide over the crowd at the Day of the Dead parade and then follow a member of the crowd smoothly through a building and onto the roof, the whole movie just felt like a sublime ride. Even the car chase scene was less about excitement and more about the mixtures of sights and sounds coming together to create perfection.

At least, that’s how I felt about it, watching it on IMAX. I haven’t seen it since, so maybe it doesn’t translate as well to the smaller screen.

Whichever director takes over for this movie, I really hope they have an eye for beauty as good as Sam Mendes.

Since Blofeld was the architect of all of James Bond’s pain, what are they going to do in the next movie? Show the guy that was behind Blofeld all along?

I would’ve preferred they had gone with a new actor, Craig never really worked for me as Bond.

Don’t you mean, “Never Say Never Again. Again.”?

That’s better than Dodecapussy, Goldeneyes, You Only Live 2wice, or More Licenses To Kill.

The is the best worst thing ever.

They should call the next movie just “Bond”, starring Sean Connery, set 20 years in a dystopian future. Open on 85-ish year old Bond in a smart tuxedo, then pull back to show he’s working valet service at a stripclub in Orlando Florida, a broken old man… until a wall street type gets fresh with one of the dancers as she leaves work, and he takes down him and his crew of gordon geckos in a flash, only to break his hip.

Long story short, in recovery for hip replacement he meets a gorgeous nurse, she slips him cialis and they bang, then she reveals she’s Julia Castro and needs to get back to Havana to stop the assassination of her brother, the dictator Raul Jr.

Road trip movie ensues, driving down to the keys, pursued by corrupt Interpol agents and the FBI, they make it to Havana, amazing action sequence ensues where Bond uses his walker to dispatch 30 Venezuelan commandos, and discover Raul Jr. was never really in danger, but needed his sister to lead a false flag coup to save his dictatorship from democratic uprising. She readily agrees betraying Bond, bros before hoes.

The movie ends on a downswing as Bond drinks orange juice in his dressing gown and yells at cable TV news.


And we should call it, “Stop Saying Never Say Never.”

I hope they do an on-screen regeneration this time. It’s really a shame that they’ve gotten away with doing it off-screen all these years :(

“Carry On Not Saying Never”

They already made that. It was called Zardoz.

If anyone wants to see a real good Bond-like, go see Atomic Blonde right away.

It’s a bummer that Craig is signed on for one more. It really does seem like he’s bored with the role. Really enjoyed Casino and Skyfall, but did not like Quantum or Spectre :/

According to the hard working journalists at The Mirror, the movie will be called Shatterhand, will take place in France, Croatia, and Japan, and will feature Bond going up against a blind guy. Apparently it is based on one of the novels not written by Fleming.

It sounds like a parody.

Blind, villian blind.