Bond. A Daniel Craig Bond. 2021. This Is No Time To Die.

I was wondering, when I read about this new release date… Are there still people sitting around poking at the color levels in different scenes and doing microedits and whatnot? Or is it in the can and just waiting?

It’s funny, but not funny ha-ha, that it’s still the decrepit shambles of MGM that’s trying to release the movie. MGM is like the bank robber that thought they could make one last easy score, or the vampire that was sure that it would be feasting on the whole sorority, or the industrialist that thought they could simply blackmail a government. But it didn’t work out and now they have to work even harder just to stay alive from the robot superspy jaded cop demon hunter who is an expert in these situations.

“C’mon, Hulu! You coulda had this for $600 mill!” they moan. But they still have to do the work of distribution and hope they make their money on the back end, if there are still theaters to distribute to their audiences.

This may have been more Sony than MGM here. Sony announced delays and movements for all their film slate today. Ghostbusters, Cinderella, Uncharted, this, and a Peter rabbit movie all got pushed out.

I see, thanks. That’s interesting that Sony is pushing a live action Cinderella movie. It’s not like it’s not in the public domain, but (as you may have heard) Disney has releasing live action versions of their own classic animated adaptations of public domain material. If they see this as a challenge, will they release their own Cinderella or move right along to live action Little Mermaid* and The Black Cauldron**?

* from the writer of Frozen!
** not actually in the public domain

They already did, in 2015.

Oh, heck. That’s right. I should’ve remembered that.

had to sit through a trailer of the new Bond yesterday in the cinema. I want to see the film, but judging by the trailer, it looks like they showed each and every action scene already, spoiled everything.

They already spoiled some big stuff in the Green Knight and Dune. I hate it, really, next time I should just close my eyes.

I started closing my eyes during movie trailers years ago. It really does help make the actual movie more enjoyable.

Spoilers Really Can Ruin Your Movie Experience | Live Science.

It’s a mixed bag, but spoilers usually don’t ruin a movie for me.

Movies ruin movies for me.

There have been a few instances where spoilers have gotten me to watch a movie I would’ve otherwise dismissed, but nearly all of my favorite viewing experiences have come from going into films almost completely blind–sometimes not even knowing the genre.

The Trailer for Green Knight sold me on the movie, but I wished there were certain scenes not shown in the trailer. When the scenes happened I was a bit disappointed that it didn’t come as a surprise … arrgh

never forgive, never forget!

I thought this was a cute review. Not only does she seem to like the movie, she scatters little name-checks throughout the article.

The A.V. Club didn’t seem to care for it as much.

BBC gives it five stars. Homers!

Can’t wait for this to hit streaming in 2022.

I thought it was great. Slightly too long at the end but not annoyingly so. I do think the main villain feels underwritten and not particularly threatening. I really don’t get how we went from his origin to the solution he engineers. That’s common to another of the bad guys that appear along the way.

The action is all excellent and some really good stuff in all of the locations they use. It keeps the slightly more ‘real’ feel that they started in Casino Royale.

Lots of great performances but I really enjoyed Ana de Armas turn, both her performance and the character. Jeffrey Wright was also outstanding.

Fitting (and brave) end and it will be interesting to see how they can pick it up.

I was left, though, wishing Daniel Craig was keeping the role.

I haven’t seen this yet but Craig has become my favorite Bond. Connery was great but those movies haven’t aged well.

It will be interesting to see who they get for Bond now. I think Idris Elba is too old unless they only want him for a couple of films.

Sam Heugan of Outlander wants it but I don’t think he can do it. I recently saw him in a Die Hard type of movie, Red Notice, and he didn’t really carry the film well.

Tom Hardy as Bond and Nolan as director, Cilian Murphy as villain and Michael Caine as Q or M or whatever. Done.