Bond is back... as a teenager

I remember reading a hardback book in my elementary school library that was a “teen Bond” story. I can vaguely remember the cover, I’ll have to try and dig something up about it.

Have these people actually read any of the Ian Fleming books? Or are, they, more likely, basing the series only on the movies?

In the books, James Bond is a amoral verging-on-sadistic son-of-a-bitch who is only made sympathetic by the subjective narration of his inner conflict, and, eventually, by the murder of his wife when he finally does fall in love. The books are entertaining, but the main character is not a nice man at all… The concept of James Bond’s teenage adventures is ludicrous – would there be a string of conquests over absurdly-named girls from some nearby finishing school? Perhaps some kind of inane prewar espionage plots in Chamberlain’s era despite the fact Bond was a blue-water sailor during WW II, and only joined MI-6 afterwards? A quirky old mechanically-inclined uncle named Quincy or Quentin? It boggles the mind.

Putting the setting at Eton seems very strange. I can’t say for sure, but it seems very unlikely that Bond would have attended Eton, as he was from a lower-middle-class Scottish family so far as I can recall, and even if his family had the means, they would hardly send him to Eton of all places, would they? The point is made several times in the books that Bond is not at all wealthy, with no “capital” and only his modest MI6 salary to live off of. He is only funded by MI6 to on occasion simulate wealth and station, as in Casino Royale, where a few hundred thousand francs is an incredibly big deal. Despite his portrayal in the movies as a debonaire playboy, in the books Bond comes across as merely playing the part, sardonically competing with rich men in their chosen setting despite no personal ability or inclination to live that way himself.

There was a Bond Jr. cartoon, wasn’t there? I remember action figures.

Oh I hope they sign Frankie Muniz should they do a film!

But only if Hillary Duff is the female lead! :roll:


Sweet. It shouldn’t take too much effort to port our Harry Potter engine over and swap out a few textures for the inevitable young-James-Bond game. Plus, this sort of licensing deal will hasten Dave Long to his grave. :wink:

This disturbs me greatly as a Bond fan.

No shit. Bond is a real hard-ass in the books, more Spetsnaz and stilletos than Stolichnaya and Seven. The films, even the better ones, are almost silly in comparison.

For a moment there I thought this thread was in relation to the producers of the Bond films wanting to get a younger Bond in for the next few films. IGN reported on rumours that Heath Ledger may be the new Bond after Madsen said at the Kill Bill vol. 2 premiere that Brosnan is officially out as Bond. Shame, because I really liked Die Another Day. It took Bond back to the films of the 60’s (I cannot speculate on the 70’s because I thought Moore was a shite Bond) where the villain was a super villain and could very easily have had a secret underground layer beneath a volcano.

Yeah, there was, but Jr was supposed to be Bond’s nephew or something in that, not Bond himself as a kid.

And wasn’t he American? Or was that Q?

Did any of you actually read the link? These new books are being set in the 1930s. They’re also going to center on things that didn’t show up in the movies, like the death of Bond’s parents when he was young. So I’d imagine that they’ll be truer to Fleming’s Bond that Cubby Broccoli’s Bond. I’m not sure what the quality will be, as these genre books are usually pure shit, but I don’t think there are any worries about Bond solving crimes on a skateboard.

In the books, James Bond is a amoral verging-on-sadistic son-of-a-bitch

I wondered about that after I saw Dr. No for the first time. Seeing Sean Connery angrily slap around women, and cowardly backstabbing people that posed little threat was vastly different from the casually suave bond portrayed by Roger Moore.

Nono, the best part about Dr. No is its shameless use of stereotypes. Like the black sidekick. Every time he saw something out of the ordinary, he’d yell out “Cap’n! Cap’n!” and run around like a headless chicken. He couldn’t do a THING without Bond’s help.

Ah… early '60s Hollywood. How the racists miss ye.