Book of Demons, aka Paper Diablo

Turning on caps lock will highlight all stuff in the level. Helps a ton.

TIL! Thanks @Vesper.

Wait, what! :O

How do you get on the leaderboards? I beat the Archdemon and then continued down with that character (Freeplay). Do I need to start a new game?

Edit: I started a new game and that one is immediately showing up on the leaderboards.


I’m about 1 “very big” game away from him now. Only got to play for a few minutes last night, so I’m hoping to finish him off this weekend!

Does it just continue “down” from him or do you start over again (for freeplay)?

Thanks! The upgraded divine potions made it pretty easy as i could just wade in and ignore damage in some of the dangerous parts.

You can continue down, but that game didn’t show up on the leaderboards for me. I’m not sure if it is supposed to. When I started fresh that game showed up on the leaderboards.

Archdemon slain! You certainly can’t complain that there’s no reward for defeating him…

Archdemon slain here as well, right around midnight Sunday night coincidentally. =) And yes, the reward is substantial.

As a warrior with pretty beefed up equipment cards the Archdemon wasn’t difficult himself, but his support staff had me in hot water a couple of times, especially the ones that summon. Prior to engaging him I swapped out the Ice Bomb card I had been using for crowd control with an upgraded Divine Potion, and like @robc04 I can attest to their effectiveness. I used all 4 of the charges left on mine, and 8 of 10 charges on my 2x magical healing potion card, along with several Remedy card charges, all in the fight with the Archdemon. I actually town portaled after unlocking the gate to his area just to recharge cards.

One thing I would have done differently as a warrior on the way down to the Archdemon is saved some of my $$$ to unlock the 10th and final card slot. I could never swing the $100K cost as I spent a lot of money upgrading runes to better runes and then using them to upgrade my equipment. With the 10th slot, I could have equipped the Dagger card I found late in Hell. Dagger gives you a base 25% chance to one-hit kill any wounded target with less than 3 hearts. Upgrading it increases the chance (up to 50%) and the heart value (up to 5)…which would make for some seriously effective crowd control in those swarms you find all over the bottom levels of Hell. Ah well, maybe next time.

I think I am done with Book of Demons for now. I don’t have the desire to start over in Freeplay with a different character, and I feel like I “completed” the game by defeating the Archdemon. I will definitely return to the game sometime, probably if it gets a content update or DLC, but for now I want to go back and finish Bard’s Tale IV and then move on to maybe Kingdom Come : Deliverance or Fallout 4, both of which are in my backlog and are unplayed. I really enjoyed Book of Demons though, and kudos to the developers for creating something so fun, engaging and unique.

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First come first served.

That’s how I feel - just that there are better options for spending my gaming time. The journey to beat the arch demon was fun though. I did play one freeplay run and died when I was a little careless, halting my leaderboard climb sooner than I would have liked.

@Konstantyka a minor usability request - given how nice it is to be able to just click on the stair icon to leave when the floor is clear, it’d be great if it automatically used any unused fountains when you left a cleared level also.

There is an achievement for not using fountains so this would have to be optional extra button. This kind of shortcutting QoL stuff would promptly encourage people to ask for “pick up all gold and stuff” buttons ;-). I will add it to the list of QoL stuff to consider.

I went on past the ArchDemon with my ranger a bit and there’s some neat stuff the game does.

There are four difficulty levels for the randomized dungeons below. Once you open the second (doesn’t take long) the game picks two cards for you every session and locks them into specific slots. Then you get to pick the rest of your loadout. In addition, every boss monster disables 3 of your cards; it often picks ones that are not equipped but it can pick anything!

I really liked how these two additions could force a change in my gameplay; it can be too easy to stick with what works. A couple of the boss fights disabled my health potion which led to some tense and fun moments, and I had to mess with some attack skills I hadn’t played with yet. Plus activating multiple bosses at once becomes really exciting.

Ultimately I think I’m done with it as well, however. What got me in the end was the movement, which is a core feature of the game. But it’s just so slow and constrained, and makes me long for a more free wheeling arpg. As a result I finally dove into Path of Exile, and that’s just an unfair comparison for this game. I could see myself diving back into this once in a while for a short burst of slower paced arpg goodness, and I am curious what further difficulties are like.

yeah, that’s fair. Given that you explicitly have stuff to help people find the loot/monsters they missed (which implies that you want to make people do the legwork) it’s probably appropriate to leave that out.

New update on the way:

Wrong thread.

Drats I spent the whole weekend playing dungeon crawling rpgs I forgot about this. Sigh. At least I got Grim Dawn for 7 bux on GOG. I need to go back to this and see how it is doing.

Now you can play on xbox game pass for PC, first month is 1USD I think so it’s a good way to check it out.

Superhot even going on, its actually a really cool idea to steal. :)