Book recommendations

Hi all,

So my trip to Europe is coming up in a few days and I realized I’ve chewed through my backlog of reading material quite handsomely in the prior weeks. Can anyone recommend anything? History (esp. war history), psychology, quality fiction, and even books about notable current and recent events would be of interest.

Get one of Tim Cook’s books about the Canadian Army in the First World War.

If you like Winston Churchill at all I’d also highly recommend this book on his military career well researched, very readable, and just entertaining throughout.

I am halfway through an excellent book about Comanche history and the various battles on the great plains. It’s Empire of the Summer Moon, by SC Gwynne. If you have any interest in that period, I recommend it.

Ooh thank you both, I’ll have to check them out. Especially the Churchill book.

I hear Elemental is pretty good.

Dang, that’s a broad subject: From Thucydides’ The History of the Peloponnesian War, to Black Hawk Down. Any particular era that interests you?

Nothing specific. Generally better-documented eras are better, however. I’ve read everything from Blenheim to several books on the Iraq War. I went through a Royal Navy (18th/19th century) fad a few years ago (and highly recommend Command of the Ocean), and wouldn’t mind some books about Napoleonic warfare, the Franco-Prussian War (with political context) or anything from that era. Just not the Crimean War, please. It’s a depressing tract of history.