Book series OCD

I’m sure I’m not alone in this: whenever I buy a book series that isn’t organized into a set, it’s absolutely a necessity that each book (whether paperback or hardcover) is identical to one-another in terms of dimensions and graphical design.

So imagine my frustration at trying to buy the Sprawl trilogy today. The older publications are basically impossible to find new. The newer book editions that can actually be found in stores have no continuity for cover art and each book is a completely different size.


Yep, my kindle digital versions all look the same ;P

Not mine. I’m reading the ugodly huge Malazan series (book #10! I’ve almost made it) and the first book used the traditional " " bracketing for dialogue, while 2-10 uses the ’ ’ bracketing.

Minor, I know, but it bothered me for a while.

Only slightly jealous: I like owning physical copies of books that are more than a one-time distraction.