Book Thread 2018^H9


No worries! I’m just sayin’ I didn’t care for the latest book as much as the rest. I’ll keep reading 'em though.


Personally I think the third book is by far the worst book in the series, and do not share in the dislike of the seventh book. One of the things that I enjoy with the series overall is that it has momentum; each book drives the story forward in significant ways.


Just finished The Forever War by Joe Haldeman. It is well written I guess, but outdated IMO. The POV character also has a serious case of the notgays.


How do you people remember which is the 7th book? By the time you leave 4-5 books it’s all a blur for me.

Anyway, I got to Liveships 3. Man, finally I get some payoff. They explain things! Malta is less annoying because more annoying people show up (the Satrap is even more of a child.) I think I like worldbuilding a lot. It’s like you could skip all the character development and stuff. It’d be like reading a D&D sourcebook.


Because they skip forward a couple of decades.


Ah see, if you describe it I remember. I don’t think I could name the title of a single one. I guess it’d different when you read a kindle vs an actual book. No spine or cover where you get reminded of the name?


I never remember the names either. I just remember that the original trilogy was it’s own thing, finishing the story. Then Book 4 took place on a planet away from Earth, and was it’s own novel. Then Book 5 started a new series, kind of. I’m still making my way through Book 6, and have Book 7 waiting for me when I finish.


Sorry dudes, I’m having trouble following along - which particular multi-part sci-fi epic are we discussing?


They are talking about the Expanse. If I just missed the joke I apologize.


No, I was serious, I’ve seen several books being tossed around but they didn’t seem to belong together, it was getting confusing.


Qt3’s Book Thread has hit a level of complexity where we need elaborate narrative charts to keep track of the threads!

We’re approaching 2019. How do people feel about just continuing this thread? I personally don’t really see the need for a new thread, and wouldn’t mind if @Mark_Asher adds 2019 to this thread’s title.


I have that poster!


2019 can have its own thread. We don’t need that trash in here.


Finished up the Jean le Flambeur trilogy with The Causal Angel, and overall I had a lot of fun with it. I got plenty confused at certain points, especially in the first book, but eventually I think I have a pretty good idea of what was going on. Well worth the read if you like visions of weird future societies turned nearly unrecognizable (to us baseline humans) by technology advances. Longer form thoughts here:


Yeah, I kind of like a separate thread for each year.

Someone start a “Book Thread 2019” at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. I’ll probably be asleep.


YES this kind of pisses me off too. Would it be too hard to put the book and author at the top of each page? Doesn’t even need to be enabled by default FFS.


How about “Book Thread 2018 (and optionally 2019)” for the agnostics among us?


I think discussions of some books will be less fragmented if we keep this thread going, but I can see if some people might not want to jump in on an already established thread.


I seem to recall wumpus hates giant eternal megathreads and thus Discourse doesn’t handle them super gracefully.


Sadly I don’t think this risks becoming a megathread for a few years.