Books For Soldiers

Stumbled across this site by accident. Looks pretty cool though I’ll admit I don’t know much about it.

What you do is go through the forums broken down by service, deployment, or situation and volunteer to send a soldier a book they’ve requested. Quite often requests are simply for letters or an odd item (iced tea mix was one I saw).

Books For Soldiers is a soldier support site that ships books, DVDs and supplies to deployed soliders and soldiers in VA hospitals, via our large volunteer network.

If you have old, but usuable paperback books sitting around, collecting dust, why not send them to a solider for a big morale boost?

Many of our volunteers have received email and letters from the soldiers they have adopted.

Help us out, help the troops out, mail them your books.

Maybe some of these guys could use an old PC, video or gameboy title as well?