Books that feature dragons

The Earthsea Cycle ends with a beautiful story about dragons. The last two books really change the original trilogy, and a lot of people hated that change but I thought it was a fitting end.

If you want something that features Dragons prominently, Melanie Rawn has 2 linked trilogies, The Dragon Prince and Dragon Star trilogies. Both excellent reads, imo.

I recommend them as well, I read them as a young teen and loved them.

Gordon R Dickson did a series that heavily uses dragons. I’ve only read the 2nd one, but it was solid, IMO. The main thrust is that a guy from our world gets sucked into a fantasy one AND gets turned into a dragon to boot. There’s whole societies of dragons that he has to interact with, as well as feudal human ones. You might give it a whirl, here’s the first one:

I enjoyed Rosemary Manning’s R. Dragon series as a kid.

Agreed. Those are the ones that I was going to suggest, so…

I read these long long ago and can’t remember if they were any good. I remember bits and pieces, but not the overall quality.

Touched by Venom. DO NOT read it. But it does feature dragons.

Life would be great if you could trick someone into reading this and we could watch.

How about The Blue Sword and The Hero and the Crown? I read them ages ago. There were dragons, though.

This is a good recommendation, though I’ve never gotten to the last two books (eventually). There is a dragon in book 1 too, of course.

It’s an Angie-book. Like a Whitta-link, only… you know, Angie’s.

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Thanks for all the suggestions. I thank you, and so do various Amazon sellers.

A question about the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star trilogies from Melanie Rawn, doe sit matter which trilogy I read first?

Dragon Prince comes before Dragon Star, as the characters in Dragon Star are the offspring of some of the characters in Dragon Prince. :)


Dragon ex Machina.

Complain here plzkthx.

Most people are commenting on the bestiality, the castration, the female degradation in this book, so with all that said, I thought I’d comment on the writing style of the book.

…Things that are confusing are never cleared up, particularly when Zarq mentions something in ‘noble’s tongue’ and doesn’t bother telling us what it is she’s saying in English.

…It seems near the end of the book that the author was at a loss of where to go with it, so she pulled up a very long forgotten plot point and decided to have Zarq fixate on it, only to have her get distracted by her never-ending lust for venom.

Does Song of the Sorcelator even need to be written?


This statement is correct.