Bookworm sequel?

Man oh man oh low range manometer do I love Bookworm. And according to this article:,0,434514.story?coll=me-homenews-hed

Not only is there a sequel to Bookworm (called Bookworm Adventures) coming out tomorrow, it’s the most expensive game Popcap has ever developed. I hadn’t heard anything about it and there’s nothing on the Popcap site about it either. Or anywhere else on the Internet. Makes me think it isn’t real. But it seems real to me because a) the article reads pretty legit and b) I want desperately for it to be real. Tomorrow could be amazing.

Have to agree, Bookworm is incredible. Only Popcap game I own like 4-5 different copies of, to play on every possible platform. Good to know about a possible sequel!

I wouldn’t know anything about it. And if I did, I certainly couldn’t tell you how really, really awesome it is, or that I’ve had the pleasure of seeing it take shape for a very long time now. And I couldn’t tell you that that production values are probably the highest of any casual game out there, or that its a totally cool fusion of casual games, word games, strategy games, and RPGs.

It’s news to me that this hypothetical game is coming out tomorrow, though if I knew anything about it, I could tell you that it is definitely coming soon (even if it isn’t necessarily tomorrow.)

Its a shame I don’t know anything about anything, or I’d be able to tell you about how much cool stuff is in the PopCap pipeline that we can look forward to over the next year or so…

Awesome. Why are they keeping it such a secret? I mean, other than it’s not real, etc., etc. Are they always this tight-lipped about upcoming games?

Well, speaking in generalities, the casual space has stayed seperate from the traditional PC/console market in the respect that it plays its cards very close to its chest, instead of doing magazine-fronting previews a year or more before the game comes out.

Probably the biggest reason for this is that the casual game space is so full of clones. As soon as one great or unique product hits the market, its mechanics or production techniques will be copied umpteen times within a few months. So if for no other reason, keeping games under wraps until the last possible second will cut down on the frequency of this cloning.

Looking at Popcap’s webpage, they still only give you a limited number of installation licenses. Too bad, no sale.

You can get most (all?) of them through Steam now, if you can live with that instead. And assuming that this sequel shows up there too…

Tiny screenshot of “Bookworm Adventures” along with some (as expected) commentary on the Casual Games space.

“PopCap’s latest casual game “Bookworm Adventures” cost $30 million.”
“Latest PopCap title “Bookworm Adventures” cost $30 million”

“PopCap, which has offices in San Francisco, Seattle and Ireland, spent $700,000 over 2 1/2 years developing the game.”

That’s better, thought those captions sounded off by about $29.5m.

For what it’s worth, I didn’t just hear that tomorrow is, in fact, the release day. And I don’t know anything about it hitting at least one major portal in a month or so.

/me prays for a 360 version.

I got confirmation as well. Tomorrow!

A 360 version would be nice.


“Welcome to Bookworm!” “Level up!”

I have buddies that send me screenshots of their latest high score freqently to goad me into trying to beat them. I just sent a copy of the article to them as a challenge. :)

I’m curious: what is a good score? MY gf has been playing the GBA version and finally got tired of it after hitting over 2,000,000. It never became very challenging, and it’s no longer rewarding her with new titles. Are the pc versions different? can you start on a higher difficulty level, or add some real time mechanic?

FWIW, the gameboy version was done by Majesco and not in-house at Popcap. I haven’t played the GameBoy version to know the differences, but I would expect them to be fairly pronounced.

But the PC version does have an “Action mode”, so I’m guessing that’s one difference between the GB version and the PC version…

So its ‘tomorrow’, where is it?


taps heels together
There’s no place like Bookworm, there’s no place like Bookworm …

Argh. PopCap continues to mock me. I think $20 is too much for any one game (and maybe I’m “wrong” since they keep making them so they must be doing something right), and I’ve long since said/wanted a “Buy 3 for $30” or something. I’d buy 3 for $30 in a second (or even individual games at $10), but $20 is beyond impulse buy. I’d be tempted (and probably cave) with 5 for $50, if they’re looking for a bigger package.

Looking for Bookworm Adventures, I noticed that PopCap has a Platinum Pack, which is 17 games for $90. Fantastic per-game price, but now they’ve bundled so much that it’s too expensive. Setting aside I don’t want about half the games in the pack, it’d still be that $10/game price for the 9 I’d play. But again, $90 is just “too much” to get me over the hump.

Oh well.