Boom Blox Bash Party review

You’re presumably an adult playing with blocks. It’s possibly a guiltier pleasure than anime, Funyuns or cheesy sci-fi novels.

Thumbs up

Was the last one a guilty pleasure?

Hey, if you’re cool with playing with blocks, then it can be any kind of pleasure you want! :)


One can make a living playing with concrete blocks.

I kept meaning to pick up the first one and never got around to it.

Is 2 the one to get for a first-timer?

Yes, jump straight to 2, aka Boom Blox Bash Party! There’s really no need to mess around with the original Boom Blox at this point.




My 9 year old played it for 4 hours. The most he has played any Wii game. It must be excellent.

I just picked up 1 super cheap – there’s really no reason to throw it in? Ah well.

Well, okay, maybe one reason.


I picked this up in the first week of June and it’s seriously good fun. The downloadable levels are also typically high quality, especially the ones from EA. Multiplayer is just too awesome for words.