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Seriously this show is amazing. I have been catching it on HDNET ( or something like that) and I am very sad that it got the axe. I strongly suggest that anyone that appreciates good cop ( shit is that even how to classify it?) dramas should watch it.

Its a great show and watching it from start to finish has made me appreciate it very much. Anyone else have any love for this show?

I think we discussed it previously; the first two-thirds was probably one of the best cop dramas on TV. Then the quality kinda slid, though I liked the season finale, and the second season wasn’t great - they switched a lot of things. The two-thirds part was about the time that they really started to get away from the 7-points of view/jumbled timeline concept and really killed it by the second season.

Had a wonderful cast - one episode was noteable for having four prominent Band of Brothers actors in it (aside from the two originally in the cast). Not only should Neal McDonough been nominated for an Emmy, he should have won one had anybody realized the show was on the air and the terrific performances therein.

— Alan

So…should I netflix this even though it’s no longer on the air? Does it have a decent resolution for being cancelled and all?

I can’t speak to the resolution or lack thereof, as I didn’t catch the last shows, but it’s definitely worth a Netflix. It has some fantastic character performances and some really good writing - two things Crossing Jordan doesn’t have and you’ll watch that!

The show has some on going stories but I found they tied them up very well. The first season is amazing but you do notice a sort of downward spiral on the second one.

I highly reccomend the first season though.