Boondocks: The Cartoon

I see this will start running on Adult Swim starting November 6th? Anyone plan on catching this? It could be wicked funny. The brief trailer I saw was hilarious.

I enjoy The Boondocks, but I will watch it only if they promise not to promo Stroker & Hoop during it.

For some reason I really liked the commercial I saw for this last week. I’ll give it a shot.

The episode shown this Friday on their website (and I assume tomrrow on the TV)-- it’s kinda sucky. Sam Jackson does a guest shot, and after a really great intorductory scene, they fuck it up by doing the entire “Do they speak English in What?” routine from Pulp Fiction. The entire routine. Word for word, except with Riley as Brad, and nobody gets shot at the end, except my TV if I owned a gun. And wasn’t watching it online in the first place. Point being that there’s homage, and there’s parrot-class mimicry.

And the subsequent convenience store scene is tortuously long and overdone. And the visit there is set up with another Pulp Fiction reference, albeit a mercifully short two-word one.

This episode was just padded out all to hell and then just gave up at the end. Last episode, grandpa beat a blind man to death and nobody seemed to care beyond “well that’s a shame”. I hope it gets back on track. Right now Huey is seriously lacking in characterization, to the point of being a minor character.

I watched the first two episodes, the second one only because I thought that there was no way a comic that funny could turn into a cartoon as unfunny as this.

South Park does comedy about political stuff approximately 1000 times better, even when I think that they’re dead wrong.

I am disappointed with the series so far. I have found some mirth in each episode, but far too many of the jokes fall flat for me. Cornell West fighting with the R Kelly supporters had me cracking up.

Some episodes are too meta, however. Gin Rummy = Rumsfeld went totally over my head. I didn’t find it funny, and when I learned who each person was supposed to be, it made the episode make sense, but didn’t make it humorous.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that the show is not about Huey, unlike the strip. The show is about Woodcrest, and the Freeman family that lives in it. This was hard to deal with initially, because it’s very different from the strip.

I’ll keep watching because I have a belief that McGruder will get it together. And there’s nothing else on at 11pm on a Sunday night anyway.


Well, whenever a show is OK but not good, I always remind myself of the pilot of The Venture Bros. and how middling it was.

But there was a huge interval between that pilot and the series itself, which ping-pongs with Home Movies for being my favorite.

At least it’s not 99% pure drek like Stroker and Hoop. Just 50%.

Am I just not “getting” some of the Sunday night offerings anymore? Perfect Hair Forever and 12oz Mouse just confuse me. Squidbillies reminds me of something I’d likely see on Liquid Television, but all just confound me to no end.

Agreed. They seem to really be taking some shots in the dark with the shows they’ve been producing lately. I’m not sure who the comdey is supposed to appeal to. Or if it’s even comedy. And sure, South Park adn ATHF have made bad animation acceptable, but come on! Some of the animation in the new shows is flat out horrible. I can’t bare to watch it even for a little bit.

Star craft replays

I dunno, how can you not love Samuel Jackson riffing Rumsfeld and Jules Winnfield simultaneously? That’s a demented but brilliant smorgasbord in my book…

Bumping this not because of Boondocks, but because of Duality’s comment on the new AS lineup. I watched a randomly recorded episode of Perfect Hair Forever tonight and absolutely loved it. The theme of the show seems to be based on parodying anime cliches, but it’s really just a loose framework on which to hang the trademark absurdity of shows like ATHF and Sealab. I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it. If you don’t like it, it’s only twelve minutes out of your life.