Borderlands 3 - More cel-shaded loot

Gearbox and Epic at GDC showing off some bits from WIP Borderlands 3, mainly to discuss the capabilities of Epic’s latest engine features.

Twitch video of the presentation

Check out the dynamic cross-hatching on the skybox:

Color processing:

Aw yiss, motherfuckin’ Borderlands

Argh I haven’t played the first two. Slow down!

I played the first one. And it’s nice and short.

Don’t play the DLC for it though. I tried the first DLC (zombie themed) and spent longer on it that the whole main game. And it isn’t as fun either, it’s just a grind. So I ignored the other DLC, and I’d advice you to do the same. Just play the campaign. Short, but good. The gameplay is crisp and satisfying, which makes up for all the MMO features that would normally turn me off.

I’m curious to see what Borderlands looks (I mean in terms of design and how it’s structured, not graphics) like now that the current console generation isn’t so limited.

I’ve wanted to like the Borderlands games and while I do to an extent, they only get about 2/3 of the way there for me. The gunplay is OK, but it’s the RPG side of things that has fallen short (character customization and loot).

I’ll definitely be watching this one with interest. I’m still thirsting for something in the vein of Hellgate London, and Borderlands is about as close as anyone’s come so far.

This reminds me that I’ve yet to pick up Tales from the Borderlands.

Other than that: Day One as they say.

Enjoyed 1. Loved 2… Prequel feels a bit lacking, like a rinse and repeat. I hope 3 offers something that draws me in again.

This is where I am as well. Liked 1, Played the hell out of 2, Prequel was ‘meh.’ If you are new to the series you won’t miss much, outside of the typical video game story line, if you skip 1 and just enjoy 2 and all the DLC. I highly suggest putting the shoe on the other foot and playing as a psycho if you get the opportunity =)

Yes please

I looooved Borderlands 2 (not so much the others) so will be highly hyped for this, whatever year it’s due.

The only thing I’ve never been a huge fan of is the art style, but it’s always interesting to see graphics technology presentations.

This is me. Heck I still remember the controversy (sort of) when they changed the art style. It’s not my favorite, but if it allows them to do the great gameplay, I decide I could just deal with it… and it’s unique for the most part. For 3, I don’t feel like I need an improvement in graphics… there is something about the prequel that hasn’t even led to our group completing it yet. Borderlands 2 was a omg is it the weekend yet, how many hours can you put in this weekend, what your kids need food kind of thing.

Now it’s like… well we have an hour why not… no real push.

Keep in mind that Borderlands 2 is free for Gold members on Xbox right now.

Same as others, mostly. Spent a ton of time on 2. Did not play more than 30 seconds of the pre sequel opening sequence due to screen shake.

Cool that this is free, but if you have $10-20 I’d recommend just buying The Handsome Collection if you have an Xbox One.

The Games with Gold version is just the 360 version being emulated through back-compat. If you get the Handsome Collection then you get a remastered version of 2 and Pre-Sequel which runs at full-fidelity 1080p and 60fps.

The General Knoxx DLC was better written than the base game, IMO. The problem was that all of the DLC areas had a single travel point so had to be done in one sitting or you’d have to slog through respawn.

Also, screw Borderlands 3, where’s my Tales from the Borderlands 2?

I am with @Nesrie also on this. I am hoping this one brings back some of the things I liked the best from the first two and allow me to do more missions favoring a sniper build :).

I heard that. Really enjoy sniping in those games.

In. I really wanna do the DND dlc for 2 but lost my save and don’t wanna grind up to it. This works instead.

I enjoyed BL2, but it got really repetitive about 2/3 of the way through. Unlike something like Diablo, the moment-to-moment gameplay and changing environments didn’t keep it fresh for me.

Hopefully BL3 is more than just a graphical upgrade.

Yeah, BL2 was fun, but not great. I did think it was a bit long and was bored of it by the end. I think one problem was that the guns were not impressive as the first game. For example, If you found a purple gun in BL1, then it was really good for 10+ levels, yet in BL2 game it seemed that white guns would be equivalent to a purple in like 5 levels. So the whole cool factor of finding high level gun really wasn’t there.