Borderlands 3 - More cel-shaded loot

This game was outsourced though, developed by 2K Australia. There’s still hope.

I don’t understand the hate for Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. It was Borderlands 2 but with Australian accents. It was literally more of the same.

Holy shit, could you imagine if this were actually true and you weren’t just totally making this up because of how utterly wrong you are? That would be AMAZING. I would have loved a game like you described.

shrugs helplessly
I played through all the Borderlands just recently. It was the same game engine, same graphical style, same gameplay. It was Borderlands 2 but with slightly float-ier jumping.

I think the biggest problem with the pre-sequel was that it was just more Borderlands, but it came at a time when everybody was thoroughly burned-out on Borderlands. That was 5 years ago, and I’m ready for more Borderlands now.

Heh, that was pretty much my take on it, too. MOTS.

I recently played through BL2 on the PS4 with a buddy and we are about to dive into The Pre-Sequel (Thanks Handsome Collection!)

I don’t expect it to be as good as BL2 but I expect it to be solid co-op multiplayer FPS goodness. We are absolutely excited for BL3 but I see the Borderlands series as mandatory co-op; I don’t expect to have nearly as much fun as a single-player experience.

Every game is more fun with friends, BL is nothing special there. I played it solo and had a great time.

I just could not get past the low gravity and oxygen aspects of it. It really made it not feel right to me that I didn’t get very far.

This is why I’m cautiously optimistic. As soon as I see that it’s not a trainwreck, and is at least close to BL2 levels of funness, I’ll jump on it.

I agree - it was pretty much MOTS, and there was really no reason for that response to you. People have different opinions, no need to be ragged on for feeling differently.

The Pre-Sequel was ok. It was more of the same, with slightly worse writing. It was certainly way better than Battleborn.

I liked the pre-sequel’s float/slam mechanic. Smashing the Torks by gravity slamming was fun. I pre-ordered BL3, albeit on PS4, not PC.

“We didn’t want to parody or caricature any specific streamers or YouTubers,” says Winkler. “But any one of these people with 10, 20 million followers — if they woke up one day in a bad mood and said, ‘That guy should die,’ 99.99 percent of those followers are going to be like, ‘Whoa, kind of an overstatement, guy!’ And some of them are going to show up at that person’s house. And that’s powerful and that’s dangerous in the real world, let alone when your entire audience is just billions of psychopaths.”

I don’t see the difference. I guess now it’s just millions of psychopaths?

I didn’t love the slamming but the floaty jump parts were great. I wanted more mobility in a Borderlands. Looks like 3 is going after that goal in different ways, which should be interesting.

You know how the stupid idiots in charge wanted Anthem to be an unmemeable dirge of a game? It’s good to see the creators of Borderlands continuing to take the complete opposite stance.

Even though they won’t be half as fun as Handsome Jack, I do hope the Calypso Twins in BL3 are at least half as fun on-screen as the Blazkowicz Twins from Wolfenstein Youngblood.

If they are half as fun as those two, they’ll be about as fun as herpes.

This game does not appeal to me. Goodbye.