Borderlands 3 - More cel-shaded loot

This is why I’m cautiously optimistic. As soon as I see that it’s not a trainwreck, and is at least close to BL2 levels of funness, I’ll jump on it.

I agree - it was pretty much MOTS, and there was really no reason for that response to you. People have different opinions, no need to be ragged on for feeling differently.

The Pre-Sequel was ok. It was more of the same, with slightly worse writing. It was certainly way better than Battleborn.

I liked the pre-sequel’s float/slam mechanic. Smashing the Torks by gravity slamming was fun. I pre-ordered BL3, albeit on PS4, not PC.

“We didn’t want to parody or caricature any specific streamers or YouTubers,” says Winkler. “But any one of these people with 10, 20 million followers — if they woke up one day in a bad mood and said, ‘That guy should die,’ 99.99 percent of those followers are going to be like, ‘Whoa, kind of an overstatement, guy!’ And some of them are going to show up at that person’s house. And that’s powerful and that’s dangerous in the real world, let alone when your entire audience is just billions of psychopaths.”

I don’t see the difference. I guess now it’s just millions of psychopaths?

I didn’t love the slamming but the floaty jump parts were great. I wanted more mobility in a Borderlands. Looks like 3 is going after that goal in different ways, which should be interesting.

You know how the stupid idiots in charge wanted Anthem to be an unmemeable dirge of a game? It’s good to see the creators of Borderlands continuing to take the complete opposite stance.

Even though they won’t be half as fun as Handsome Jack, I do hope the Calypso Twins in BL3 are at least half as fun on-screen as the Blazkowicz Twins from Wolfenstein Youngblood.

If they are half as fun as those two, they’ll be about as fun as herpes.

This game does not appeal to me. Goodbye.

Did you like the previous Borderlands games?

No. Maybe the writing redeems them. (Haven’t played them.)

Watching AdmiralBahroo stream this right now. Well, mostly working and peaking in.

Three notes, one of which I think we’;ve seen before:

  1. When he completes a quest, it just auto turns in right there.
  2. You can switch the active quest from the main UI via hotkey. no need to go into menus.

Both of these are amazing.

  1. You can teleport to your vehicle from the map (I think we’ve seen this before).

I can’t watch the stream, but are there any differences structurally in the game compared to its predecessors? By that, I mean do you still go from Zone A to Zone B in the order the story leads you there or are there opportunities to wander around and explore? Are the zones the same size as Borderlands 2, or are they larger?

There seems to be decent wander potential, especially given that you aren’t forced to return to your quest giver every time to turn one in. But I can’t say with 100% certainty how much more potential there is. I think previews have said it’s supposed to have larger areas than Borderlands 2, but I can’t comment. I’m not glued to the stream, so I miss lots of stuff, and haven’t gotten a lot of good looks at area maps. But the one glimpse I did see (for the car teleport) made it look like a big area.

I did see him go around and so some side quests in what felt like fairly seamless fashion. It seemed like some of them were scattered throughout the world, which I kinda feel like Borderlands 1 did a bit more than 2. And he just sort of went from A to B to C doing them without touching a story mission or a hub or anything.

It’s great there’s so much preview coverage, but I’m just deliberately ignoring all of it. I want to discover all the skill trees, weapon types, and class differences on my own instead of reading about all of it up front.

That’s basically my take on it too. I will look at actual reviews, when they happen, just to be sure there are no deal breakers, but I like finding out stuff.

I am just glad the Steam wait is only 6 months.

Bugs resolved and most of the dlc should be out by then.