Borderlands 3 - More cel-shaded loot

Sigh, maybe for Borderlands 4 they can go for the more highbrow dick jokes.

Total Fake Facts: Gearbox has developed a technology where poop jokes are procedurally generated and overrun the sound of your guns with the npc’s talking.

DOOM very clearly has heart and drama, and great as the gameplay is, I’m not sure it would’ve been as well received without the whole “I’m not locked in here with you, you’re locked in here with me” story.

Caught some streams, and huh, they really seem to like using Lilith as a punching bag.

Pablum was a brand name of baby food, IIRC.

I can’t help it.

And, unfortunately, sold very poorly. Not exactly incentivizing more of the same when the mainline games sell big and have long legs.

Sometimes the guns are doing the talking.

Borderlands 2 had one that would screech at you whenever you fired it. It did awesome damage, but you had to deal with the annoyance.

The screech wasn’t the annoyance, it was the very best part. The annoyance was walking/strafing at a snail’s pace while it was equipped.

Ha ha, I forgot about that effect! I hope Borderlands 3 has more of those types of things going on.

To skip the unskippable intro movies, rename the files then create new 0-byte ones in the movies folder.

Why do games keep doing this shit?

Unskippable movies of any kind. I play games to interact, if I want to watch cutscenes I’ll watch a movie or TV show. Glaring at you, Monster Hunter World.

The best named review site spent a few hours with Borderlands 3.

Sucks if the loot chest scarcity they mention is true. :(

Yes, I accidentally picked the wrong vault hunter, as a single click on the name didn’t just select it as you might expect, and I had to sit through a, I shit you not, 8 minute long intro again. I just muted it and browsed while it went on.

Unskippable movies are just silly. It’s 2019. What the hell, game devs?

Anyway, my review so far is… yeah, this is more Borderlands. And that’s what I wanted, so cool, cool.

Yeah, it unlocked tonight, not tomorrow, which is cool. Started with Zane, the Operative or whatever. As noted, it’s…Borderlands. Which is fine by me. The interface is still wonky when it comes to things like comparing weapons to see which you want to sell, and even to equip stuff from the inventory takes some getting used to. But other than that, seems to deliver as advertised.

I was so excited when this unlocked a little bit early. I did the same thing and accidentally clicked on a character that I didn’t really want to play. But I didn’t want to sit through the movies again, so I kept playing the game as the pet class - can’t remember the name. This is more Borderlands, and it’s great so far. Only played for about 90 minutes.

Unlocked on all platforms or just the (@#%@) epic store?

Fl4k. I’m playing him but thankfully that was what I was planning on playing first, so no more 8-minute movies for me!

I really feel sorry for the devs, you guys are so contradictory on what you want:

Let’s remember the insanely positive reviews that GTA IV got at release, and then three weeks later the EBs and GameStops were full of used copies.
I’m waiting for the general consensus which forms about a month from now.