Borderlands 3 - More cel-shaded loot

Ran into my first annoying bug tonight. A sidequest on Eden-6, where for this step I had to kill some dude then shatter his body. Trouble is, I was (as I often do) using my trusty Hyperion shotgun and, um, blasted him off of the platform on which the fight happens. He vanished over the edge, his icon disappeared, but the quest stage was not fulfilled. I will try tomorrow perhaps and see if he respawns.

Note to devs: If you have something the player needs to kill, don’t put the fight on a platform above a chasm unless you have a way to keep the target from getting blasted over the railings.

I can definitely say that new DLC characters in past Borderlands games to me was just overwhelming. I barely had enough time to play through 1 character, let alone the 4 characters the game played with, or paying for even more characters on top of that.

There’s a lot of things BL3 could learn from basically any loot game released since BL2.

I’m in Chapter 13 right now. Gameplay itself is decent-to-good - basically just more BL2. Still can’t stand the inventory management, and trying to figure out which loot is better than others, which becomes a massive chore as the number of drops you get really picks up… just like BL2. New addition of a far worse menu for skills and stuff, so that’s good, haha. It’s just nuts to me, that a game about collecting buckets of randomly generated loot, still has no good system for helping you quickly sift through what is or isn’t worth keeping - it doesn’t even have a “Pick up as Junk” key!

That said, I’m having a pretty good time with it, overall.

Special mention must be made, however, of the absolutely awful writing in this game. I’ll add a disclaimer here, that I found the humor in BL2 to be very hit or miss, and I found characters like Tiny Tina to be particularly grating. Some of it worked for me, some of it really didn’t. And I didn’t play any of the DLC past the first 1-2.

But Borderlands 3 is just… next level bad. And it’s made worse by the fact that this game clearly thinks it is HILARIOUS. I think the only new major character I’ve actually liked so far, is my own - Fl4k, with his robot deadpan voice. If you wanted dubstep jokes in 2019, this is your game. If the writing in this game could take human form, it would be a dude still walking around to everyone going “Pickle Riiiiiick!”.

Returning characters are more obnoxious than I remembered them being previously (or a complete bore now, like Lilith). There’s a guy whose entire schtick is people commenting on his having a mustache now. There’s a guy who wears briefs and a cape, and says “bro” a lot. I did a mission about someone who really wants their morning coffee, lolz.

The main antagonist is basically Handsome Jack again - the exact same dismissive arrogance thing, occasionally chiming in to make it clear you’re of no concern to them.

It’s not 100% awful - a game like this that managed to be 100% unfunny would be a feat in and of itself - but it seems far worse than BL2 was, as a whole.

So yeah - having a decent time with the actual gameplay, but will probably just go back to Gears 5 once I finish the story.

I mourn for your cold cold, lifeless heart.

If it’s any consolation, I found Mr. Torgue funny.


I am I think level 26 or 27 now, and a lot of what @ShakesMcQueen says I have to agree with. I don’t find the writing quite that bad, but it is extremely hit or miss, with more misses than hits for sure. The humor often does seem caught in a time warp, though the digs at social media via the whole Calypso twins thing is sometimes spot-on, if always very heavy-handed. I guess, though, Borderlands has never been the place for subtlety.

But yeah, the biggest problems are loot and inventory I think. I have upgraded my backpack to like 28 slots, and I’m still constantly not picking up greens and blues because I am only going to sell them anyhow, and they don’t sell for enough to warrant a spot in my bag. The need to keep guns for every element, and pretty much for every ammo type, means that even with the new dual-element guns you probably end up with a quarter of your inventory at least filled up with stuff that you swap in and out occasionally. It’s amazingly hard to tell what is better than what, and I simply cannot fathom why the game doesn’t do what most games do, and show you a comparison between the loot/inventory item and your equipped weapon of the same type or at least in the main slot, which in most games you can cycle through to compare the stuff to every weapon you have equipped. Here they make it a chore.

Half the fun at least in a game like this is looting, and they’ve actually managed to make that tedious instead of exciting. Quite the achievement!

I love the gameplay, but I agree with all of the plot criticisms except the Handsome Jack retread claim: I think these new guys are okay, but they are worse than Jack.


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It’s okay to not be SUBTLE. but you need to be FUNNY. Saints Row 3 wasn’t subtle in the slightest, but it was hilarious.

Borderlands 3 has this awful thing where it’s clearly confident that it’s making you bust your gut with laughter, which just makes the numerous unsuccessful attempts at humour flop that much harder. And it’s relentless the entire time.

As for inventory - I’ve basically stopped looking at greens. I’ll pick them up if I know I’m close to a place to sell them and don’t need the space, but I won’t even check their stats to see if they are any good. It’s just not practical to sift through them all, because I’m at a point where it seems like every other enemy is dropping one. Whites I won’t touch in any circumstance - just leave em on the ground.
Blues I will pick up still, and take a quick look at them - if nothing else, they will sell for good money. Purples I will take a good look at, unless they are from a manufacturer I can’t stand (ie. Tediore).

And of course, I’ve hung on to every orange thus far - though frankly, a lot of them haven’t been great either. The problem with oranges is that a ton of them have unique gimmicks… and a lot of those gimmicks make them annoying to use. The ones that are good are REALLY good, but the rest just go right in my bank.

Temperamentally speaking, Tyrene is basically identical to Jack - arrogant, dismissive, sarcastic, pops on your ECHO constantly to make it clear that they don’t consider you anything more than a nuisance, and deliver “wacky”, irreverent bits about how cruel and apathetic they are. That is Jack to a T.

Obviously in terms of backstory and goals, there’s some difference… though it ultimately just comes down to the same as Jack’s: They want the vaults. I’m still not at all clear why Tyrene and her brother want them, or how their finding them poses a threat to the galaxy itself, as annoying underwear guy says early in the game… but that’s what the game tells me is at stake, so okay.

Of course, Tyrene and her brother have an additional layer of annoyance on top, and that’s their grating, put-on, radio DJ voices. It obviously makes sense for the gimmick, but it’s a chore to listen to. And when they deliver lines like “Like, Share and Obey”, my eyes roll back into my head.

Faster than GTA? Oh, wait that’s Take 2, not 2K. I always get those confused. Silly division naming.

Here’s the official PR for the sales figures:

I still can’t believe how they misinterpreted their analytics on adding new character classes. I’m trying to level up just a single alt and it’s a daunting and tedious slog. So many unskippable cutscenes, so much sitting around waiting while NPCs have their monologues, so many “Talk to Lilith” quest steps (Why don’t you just use the Echo you’ve been using this whole time to talk with, dumbass?).

I highly doubt there’s not an appetite for new classes in this sort of game, it’s just that having to replay the campaign is a chore. This game is desperately in need of “Adventure Mode” once you’ve beaten the campaign with a character. I’d love to be leveling up multiple alts but after my cloud save got eaten again, losing 3 hours of quest progress on my alt, I don’t think I have the stomach for it anymore. It’s more likely that I’ll just set the game aside at this point, which is nuts since I have a severe case of altitis in games like this.

Another thing they need to fix (aside from the poor performance and technical issues) is the “You can’t do that because someone is in a menu” crap. It makes trying to play via matchmaking a pain in the ass. One person can hold up 3 others because they went AFK while looking at their inventory or skill trees. No one can travel anywhere, switch zones, do anything because “Someone is a menu”. FFS, it should be up to the host or at least a vote or something. I’m trying to make up my lost save progress by joining other people, but almost every game ends up falling apart because someone sits in a menu and everyone else gets impatient and leaves.

I’d be happy with more vending machines in areas. It’s kind of ridiculous that most places only have one set of vending machines. The thought of going back through those areas with the small beginner backpack makes me sweat.

At a point in the game, the game has a pop-up that asks “Do you want to skip content you already played on another session?” Or somesuch - It doesnt really work (For me) , but it seems like they did have something in mind, along those lines.

When the final DLC this summer dropped for Borderlands 2, it was nice that you could just create a level 30 character who was finished with all the main story content, but not any of the dlc. It gave me a chance to try the Mechromancer and Psycho dlc classes I never bothered with.


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