Borderlands 3 - More cel-shaded loot

When the final DLC this summer dropped for Borderlands 2, it was nice that you could just create a level 30 character who was finished with all the main story content, but not any of the dlc. It gave me a chance to try the Mechromancer and Psycho dlc classes I never bothered with.


How does one use these codes as a ps4 user?

Do I need some epic account?

You need a SHIFT account. The page for Shift Codes was linked to above, it’s either 2K or Gearbox. It links up with whatever platform you have the game on, so I have it linked to my Steam Account, PSN account and Xbox Live account, and each code then adds stuff to each account usually.

Yeah, you input the codes at one of these links. Both of them seem to work.

Oh that’s a nice reminder: I should tie in my Epic account before I enter any more Shift Codes.

Be interesting to see the split between console and PC. See if the Epic Store exclusive has had any effect on that side of things.

Given these numbers, it’s actually looking like more PC sales than one would have expected. Rule of thumb is 25% on PC, 25% on Xbox, 50% on PS4. The Gamstat estimate for PS4 is 1.6M players after five days. Which this close to launch basically is the same as copies sold.

Hard to make the numbers work with the PC selling just the usual 25%. The Xbox share would need to be obscenely high. Maybe it’s the apparently miserable performance on consoles?


That shift code has expired, apparently.

Annoyingly, they’re posting a lot of codes that expire in <3 hours these days.

They’ve found a way to make SHIFT codes even more annoying.

Achievement Unlocked.

3 hour keys can fuck right off.

Thank you for posting them tho!

Yeah, with BL2, I at first spent an inordinate amount of time scouring for codes and frantically entering them before they expired, only to stop playing BL2 (after many hours of play, mind you) with many keys left unspent. It became a source of stress to try to not let any codes slip by, which is dumb, so this time I’m entering codes as I come across them, and while I’ll probably accumulate fewer, it will be much more pleasant overall.

Topic shift: Some quests in BL3 seem susceptible to bugging out. In addition to the one I experienced where the target got blasted off the map, tonight I had one where I killed everyone in an area, but the next phase did not trigger. Apparently there was someone somewhere still alive, but no red dot showed up and there was no one to be found. Teleporting to Sanctuary and back fixed it, though I had to fight all the bad guys one more time. Which wasn’t bad, as it’s fun, but it can get old if this stuff happens too often.

I had a quest bug out too where I was escorting a robot and it wouldn’t progress, thinking I needed to kill 1 more dude. Just left the game and rejoined, and was able to continue it.

Edit: 1 key: 5HK33-HFTZ3-SCBCC-TTTTT-H66C9

When you get right down to it, Golden Keys (at least in this quantity) really shouldn’t exist in the game at all. The ability to get a few codes a day for a chest full of like 5-6 free purple/orange items that are automatically leveled to your characters, kinda undermines the hunt for loot in the game. Especially when gear of that quality is far more rare in the game.

It’d be one thing if you could like, earn one every couple of weeks by completing some challenge in the game itself - but Pitchford just gives them out like candy on Twitter.

The golden key thing is such a bizarre thing to do to a game that is 100% based on acquiring loot…

It’d be one thing if the “best stuff” could only be attained from certain mobs, or certain missions. But because of the procedural nature of the weapons, there’s nothing to say a random Golden Key couldn’t give you one of the best ones in the game.

It’s not that bizarre. The initial marketing promised gazillions of guns. And they deliver. The only way to prevent the player from the tedium of sorting through that much loot is to give away lots of golden keys. That way you get your gazillion guns and you don’t bother the player with having to sort through it all.