Borderlands 3 - More cel-shaded loot

Yup. Like @ShakesMcQueen wrote, all the cinematic bits are bad, and discount the player’s presence, but for me the Rampager Vault was the worst because at least the others try to set up a locked door or some other lame reason for not doing anything.

It gets worse if you’re playing co-up. The whole story is solo-centric.

It was a needed nerf. I was doing some boss grinding this morning because of that event this week, and absolutely MELTING lvl 50 Graveward and Tyreen in about a minute, in Mayhem Mode.

Post-nerf, it has slowed me down, but only slightly.

I’ve got a legendary Jakobs AR that returns two rounds to my magazine every time I get a crit. So with a Fl4k crit build, plus his own talents that return ammo on a crit, I can basically fire forever in some cases. And when Fade Away is active, it just becomes comical.

Sounds like Wan Zane might have some issues.

  • Double Barrel does not give increased 20% Gun damage to you and your clone, only your clone.
  • Praemunitus does not give your clone increased magazine size, only you.
  • Schadenfreude does not give you shield like it’s supposed to from your clone taking damage, and may not do anything at all.
  • Boom Enhance does not increase clone health like it’s supposed to.
  • Distributed Denial, the shield skill capstone, may not actually work with any shield effects like it’s supposed to.
  • Digital Distribution gives you less health when the clone’s health is low, and hurts the clone through its shield for some reason.
  • Confident Competence only increases gun damage to 10% max at full shields, not 20%.
  • Futility Belt and Stiff Upper Lip have problems reducing elemental damage like they’re supposed to.
  • Violent Momentum does not increase your damage while moving as much as it’s supposed to.
  • The radiation damage the drone does for its Bad Dose augment does not scale and is stuck at 2 damage the whole game.

Gearbox apparently hasn’t heard of unit tests.

These expire in less than a day.


I typed them in just now. First one said it was expired, second one still works.


Expires in 1 day.

Looking at the website, you now have to choose “Redeem for Epic” or “Redeem for Steam”. Is there any other way they can possibly make this whole thing more annoying?

Christ, I have a Gearbox/Shift account. Tie it to that and only that, dumbasses. It shouldn’t matter whether I’m playing on Steam or Epic. I take it this also means characters aren’t going to transfer over from one store to the other?

I also have the options to redeem for Xbox Live and the option to redeem for PSN.

I don’t own Borderlands 3 yet, but I’m trying to divide it equally. Some for Xbox Live, some for Steam, some for Epic. That way whichever place has the best sale, and I have time to play it, I can get it for that platform.

I am on, I think the last main quest, the great vault. Anyway, the part I am just past is open the doors to the inner sanctum. I pass some saws and then there is a set of vending machines and up a ramp is an area with a big CoV sign and in the back is a purple waterfall. Anyway, there are some midgets in the area which I kill and then there is nothing else to do. No more enemies or anything, no where but to back-track. There are some valves I found which are locked.

I have restarted the game a few times and even exited the client, and reloaded completely and nothing new happens.

In some quests I googled, it says the next step is to kill an anointed. There is none in the area.
What am I to do next?

Well, I got another legendary Flakker shotgun as a drop, so once again I’m just obliterating anything with a single mouse click.

I can kill all four of the vault bosses within 20 seconds, on Mayhem 1 difficulty. My build, combined with my gear, just kinda renders the game a joke.

I spent a large chunk of Friday and Saturday solo “grinding” bosses, and I now own all of the SDU upgrades (the last tier costs over 2 million credits each), my bank inventory is 100% lvl 50 legendaries (as is the display wall), and I have 100% legendary gear equipped. I guess I’m done?

They definitely increased the loot quality for this week’s event - I was typically getting at least one legendary per boss kill, and even got up to FOUR from a single kill several times.


<1 day.

Dunno. Troy definitely summoned in an anointed for me to fight.

I managed to get it to work. Basically I back tracked to the previous area, did that fight again, then went forward and then it advanced to “Enter the Inner sanctum” , however, even that was bugged. I got to the waypoint and nothing happened. It would not register. So then I restarted the game yet again, and finally it spawned that dude.

This game is seriously buggy.

If anyone is curious about an all-around OP Fl4k build, that also melts bosses, this is roughly what I’m using (first one):

Combine it with a gun that also returns ammo to magazine on crit, and you can fire bullets in Full Auto for like a minute straight with certain bosses - losing almost no actual ammo in the process.

With this build you barely even need to pay attention to your pet. I basically just use mine as a rez-bot if I get downed.

It’s sorta ridiculous that Fl4k is still this OP after multiple nerfs.

You only get back 1 bullet every 2 seconds now after the nerf, so how does that work?

The skill tree talent only procs once every two seconds now, but you can actually find guns that have their own version of the same talent - lots of Jakobs guns have them.

I’ve got a legendary AR called Rowan’s Call, that gives me back 2 ammo in the magazine, for every crit, in ADDITION to the skill talent. The default magazine on it is only 20, but I can routinely fire the thing almost indefinitely when it comes to bosses with large weak points, like Graveward.

If you’ve got one round left, and pop Fade Away, suddenly you’re regenerating “free” ammo in your magazine over twice as fast as you’re using it. Select the talent that has a chance to decrease your active skill cooldown every time you crit, and you can have Fade Away ready to go again within 10-15 seconds.

This build is also pretty comical with the Flakker legendary, because you’re basically just shooting a cloud of crit-splosions in front of you every time you click the mouse - though obviously you have to reload more.

Ahhh gotcha. So it’s still viable.

Expires in <1 hour: W9C3T-RCW9B-ZKJKK-J3B3T-BHFFS (posted 10PM ET Oct 7)

Edit: 1 key, expires in <1 day (before Oct 12th): 5ZC3B-WRKHT-Z53CK-BTB33-CB9HH

Well, I ran the Atlas HQ mission solo last night on True Vault Hunter difficulty, with Mayhem 2 difficulty enabled as well, and the build I posted about above, still absolutely destroys. Got downed a few times because I was being extremely careless, but my pet would just get me right back up.

Flakker still one shots anything you point it at except some badass enemies, and my new legendary Lucian’s Call finishes off anyone else.

It’s kinda bumming me out, because I enjoy playing the game, but there also is really no reason to any more. There’s no challenge, unless I intentionally hobble myself, and I have no room for any more lvl 50 legendary weapons in my inventory. I’ve been selling 95% of them.

Hey, they finally nerfed the Flakker!

So my daughter and I are co-opping this game. We also played the previous games. This one seems to be very uneven in spots. We seem to be underleveled for most bosses, and it is strange that after getting some levels you are sent back to an area where the bad guys are a lesser level than you. We are level 14 currently.

But my major problem with the game is the continual spawning by the bad guys. We are looking for the laser guy to get what he has and the damn bad guys seem to spawn forever. This isn’t even a boss fight and we have been at this area for way to long. And no place to buy/sell weapons or ammo. Sure you get some when you die but it has become easy to run out when you are fighting so many damn enemies.