Bored, part deux!

TOEE, short ass game, finished.

Lionheart, short ass game, finished.

Halo, don’t care. Freedom Fighters, don’t care. Shooters in general: blech. Will wait on Doom3 and HL2 reviews.

RTS? Please spare me!

Jaded and bored gamer.

BUT! KOTOR for PC would be nice. Railroad Tycoon 3 also. Anything decent coming out soon?

Maybe you should go bargain-bin diving or jump into some mods?

Mark, I have a huge stash of games most of which are from the bin.

Take a break from gaming until the next game that you really want comes out.

Try an emulator?

You just have a PC, I take it. Seems to me your problem is that you only like certain kinds of strategy games and RPGs.

For PC:
If you liked RTS you’d have an expansion to C&C Generals and Age of Mythology this week and if you liked Sports you’d have Tiger Woods and NHL this week.

Actually, I was hoping for some inside scoop of what’s coming out before xmas in the strategy or rpg genres. A wargame would be nice too.

UFO: Aftermath should be out soon.

I’m in the same spot, but older games are keeping me company nicely.

The Baldur’s Gate 2 game and add-on can be had for $20. I’m playing through that right now.

Jagged Alliance 2 ate up most of last month. As superb as it ever was.

I picked up Uplink: Hacker Elite for $9 at HPB. A fun addiction, but a short one – only ate up a week or so of gaming time before it was essentially done.

I also picked up MOH: Breakthrough. Good, but doesn’t consume me.


This Friday in the UK, but I should have it on Thursday, strangely coincident with a day off work. I’ll let you know then, unless anyone here has actually played* it?

*a lot.

I had a little ‘break time’ as well and addressed the backlog of older games I own. I reinstalled Port Royale, which I played for a while last year, but never fully explored all of its elements. I also reinstalled Op Flashpoint to finally check out Resistance. It’s really great as far as I’ve played it. Tested Eve of Destruction in addition to that. Had that one skipped due to time constraints and Desert Combat.

silent storm demo never gets old.

How did the replay of that go? I played it for a couple of weeks and then got distracted by something else. It was fun, but there was a loooooong setup phase where you’re working flat out building an automated trade route system that can finance long adventures. It puts me off reinstalling it a little.

Sam, I guess I haven’t played it as long as you did. I did some basic trading and mission hunting, but never really managed something I’d consider as successful venture. Right now I’m about at the same point I was when I stopped playing earlier (OFP Resistance is getting most of my current playtime though this week) and it hasn’t been boring or tedious. Keep in mind that it’s been more than a year between my first game and the reinstallation.

Also, I betatested the game that was recently announced as Tortuga: Pirates of the New World earlier this year. That one re-uses many of technical elements of Port Royale (same developer), but is basically more like Pirates! (= simpler design and only basic trading). Playing that one really made me miss the trading system and variety offered in Port Royale. Add the timeframe I mentioned and you might guess how that certain motivation to try it again (and more successful) was built up in the past months.

RPGs - Gothic 2 has captured my interest thanks to the positive word of mouth. And Gothic 1’s ass was anything but short, so G2 should also last quite a while. I need to check this franchise out.

Ghost Master is fun… er, I meant to say a great twist on The Sims/Dungeon Keeper-style gaming. It’s so different from traditional RTS games that it doesn’t really qualify as such. You may or may not like the cheese, which is poured on rather heavily.

You should care about Halo (it was great on the XBox, opinions on the Windows version seem slightly-mixed-leaning-towards-positive), and I’ve heard nothing but great things about Freedom Fighters but I don’t know anyone who’s bought it yet. =( Also, if you’re anticipating HL2 or Doom 3, there’s no reason not to also drool over Max Payne 2, Thief 3 and Deus Ex 2 (!!!), IMO.

Everything positive people here were saying about Age Of Wonders:Shadow Magic is true, because it does not suck, particularly in multiplayer.

And I’ve heard that NHL 2004 is a good comeback for EA Sports, but that it still falls short of Sega’s NHL Hockey franchise (which sadly may never make its way to Windows). At least EA Sports got rid of the clown who tried to turn their NHL games into a really awful comedy stand-up routine that had me running screaming away from the series, possibly for good. That alone should make 2004 considerably better than the last two versions of the game.

On wargames, Combat Mission: Afrika Korps should be out by Christmas. Eric Young’s Squad Assault should be out soon, but after GI:Combat, I’m taking a ‘wait and see’ attitude, before buying. For the real hardcore, Airborne Assault: Highway to the Reich, sequel and enlargement of AA: Red Devils over Arnhem, should be out in late October/early November.

Battlefield Cammand looks quite good. Looks almost like like Combat Mission is more units and better graphics.


If you like strategy and have a Gameboy Advance and don’t have Advance Wars 1 or 2 then waste no more time reading this thread, and get to the store. I’ve spent more time playing AW 2 lately than anything on my consoles or pc. That game has been pure bliss for a TB strategy fan.

Thanks for your input. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open for some of these while I step away and watch the MLB playoffs. 8) Go Cubs!