Bored, part deux!

I’m on my third playthrough of Gothic 1–I had to play through each of the three camps. I played Gothic 2 through and I enjoyed it but for some reason 1 just gripped me more.

If any of you haven’t tried it, when you finally get back to the old camp in Gothic 2 make sure you hit the switch that opens the main gate (save before doing it). This was absolutely, positively the funniest moment in gaming history for me–mostly because I stumbled across it and I wasn’t expecting what happens.


In addition to impromptu 10-player ‘tourneys’, they also have hourly or so ‘big tournaments’ with 150-500+ people signed up to play Texas Hold 'Em, 7-card stud, Omaha, or some mix therein. I’m currently reading a intro book by Sklansky and am consistently placing in the top 40 on the free tournaments. No money required for the free stuff, which is where they get most of the people, but you can also play in money rooms, as well as in their poker school area ($15 a month).

I’ve been playing so much, trying to improve my game that I’ve woefully neglected my progress in TOEE. If you ever do give it a shot, I’m TommyTutone.

Ah, a fellow Poker player. I’ve noticed too that my other games have fallen somewhat by the wayside as I hone my skillz, too (though I play for real money in ring games at Part and UltimateBet)

I’ve considered going the real money route, even if only for small stakes ($1-$10 entry fee in tourneys) if only to weasel out the idiots that go all in on their first hand, lose and give someone a HUGE advantage early in the game. Before I do, though, I want to make sure I play a better game than I am now (study more) and then somehow convince my wife that it is okay (or not, I have my own credit card for a reason).

I’ve gotten a great deal of play out of searching through the SourceForge Gamessection. Sure, the games are typically undercooked and perhaps even abandoned, but occasionally you hit on a gem.

Case in point: MegaMek ( Being a BattleTech table top player from the 80s, I’ve loved how religiously this game follows the original. Last summer, I even managed to generate a following of folks off of IRC who would run up multiplayer games pretty quickly.

Well, most credit cards have stopped accepting transactions to/from online gaming sites (though some still do).

My suggestion would be to move to the real money, though. At UB, even the $5+$.50 sit-n-gos have the yahoos.

But you can sit at a $1 buy-in, $.01/$.02 NL Hold 'Em ring game and learn no limit in a real environment probably “faster” then play money tourneys (for exactly the reason you mention, people care less about play money).

If you haven’t, check out the forums at 2+2 (, the folks who publish the best poker books on the planet (including most likely the Sklansky book you’re working through).

Thanks for the tip on Poker Pages. Going to try it out.