Bored Sh!tless or Finally Maturing into an Old Phart?

the fiance and I have been on separate schedules for the past week and will continue to do so for the next 2 weeks… I have been hanging out with the doods quite a bit but when they are busy with their ‘womans’ I got squat to do… I am bored… shitless…

anyone have any good games to play?

I have played Warhammer, Kohan 2 , Deer Hunter 5, Sims 2 and Evil Genius… to death… I played my friend’s copy of COD and turned it off after the first mission… what a blech game…

I just can’t find any good games out there right now for the PC… anyone have any suggestions?

either that or it’s something else that is the cause of my lack of interest ing games: a scary thought came to me last night… am I finally maturing at age 31 and no longer liking video games?

I think there are few folks who can just constantly game without getting bored of it all, regardless of how good the individual games are, for a while - once in a while. Just do something else until you get bored with that and games’ll seem more interesting again. As for which games are good - do you even read the threads around here? I’m seeing all kinds of happy talk. It’s almost unnerving.

Even with Kohan2, Rome and such out, I’m still replaying Wizardry 8. I need a new kickass retro RPG! I don’t know if the action-oriented Dungeon Lords is going to fit the bill. Sacred has the free Plus update coming out so I’ll be playing that again. RCT3 looks very good. Right now, it’s mostly MEH! :?

You can try the Kult Demo

The setting and narrative appear quite strong but I’m not sure the combat has much depth.

I’ve dropped Rome for Marathon 2 and that exult in 3d hack has me considering the Ultima set. Dungeon Lords does look interesting, course I haven’t read more than the publisher’s flack on it.

Obviously you need to switch to console gaming. We’re buried under great titles on this side of the fence.

Ain’t that the truth. I was planning on playing Silent Storm or some DoD last night, but what was supposed to be a short look at Xmen Legends turned into a four-hour marathon.

Kult is hardly what I’d call an old-school RPG, but it is kinda fun. And surprisingly, the writing isn’t bad. Love those mural cutscenes, too.

Too bad you have to order the game from a German retailer if you want to play it. The demo is definitely worth a download, it kept me entertained for a few hours.

:evil: For a second there, I was excited that someone may have finally lost it and attempted to bring the Kult PnP RPG into the digital world.

Kult was the epitome of horror RPGs for me, and were Lovecraft still alive I think he would have played it more so than even Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu.

I know but its as close as its gets at the moment. If it gets decent reviews I’ll pick it up through GoGamer.

Can someone post the 411 on Kult – what is it like, exactly, and is it worth trying to find an importer? Ever since BioWare moved on to 3D and BIS/Interplay took a dirt nap there’s been a distressing lack of good quality isometric RPGs.

Buy Gish, but also you are growing old and dying.

Think Diablo.

I think the reason I like the game is that the plot is decent enough that I’m actually reading the dialogue and watching the cutscenes.

I never read dialogue or watch cutscenes.

Donkey Konga and Katamari Damacy. A one-two-punch (hand clap and cosmos feeling) that’ll make you feel like a kid again.

I’ll second Katamri Damacy. Haven’t tried Donkey Konga, though.

When you’re a kid, you can play pretty much any game and enjoy it for days. As I get older, and other priorities start to take over, I find myself getting pickier and pickier. Now it’s to the point where I sometimes can’t even play a demo of a game I know I would’ve loved when I was 15.

On a final note, I have to concur with the guy who recommended getting a console. Even when you’re tired and you don’t feel like booting up a game on your computer, dropping down on the couch and turning on the Xbox is great.

Whoa, that KULT game seems like a fun RPG – Sacred, minus the BORING. Is anyone bringin’ it to the US, or will I need to snag it offa gogamer?

Try Dhruins preview at RPGdot

According to his writeup “Publishing arrangements for other regions are yet to be finalised.”

Here’s a game you may enjoy:

Yeah, I’ll go along with the ‘get a console’ gang. Or maybe a GBA. Ask me what games to get. I have good taste.

Do what I’ve been doing and replay some of your favorite games. I just got through Fallout 2, Grim Fandango and now am playing Interstate 76 Gold Edition. Having a blast.

Of course all of this retro gaming is keeping me happy till GTA:SA, HL2, Halo 2, and much much more this holiday season. :)