Bored Sh!tless or Finally Maturing into an Old Phart?

Jazar’s got it right. I recently finished replaying Painkiller again (<throb> <throb>) and two days ago started up TOEE with a new custom party; this time to be played with patches! :) Mafia, Blade Runner, and the old X-Files FMV game are on deck. Nothing like playing (or replaying) games you really enjoyed.

Heh, just finally beat Painkiller on Trauma difficulty, played through ToEE (2nd Troika patch installed) for a third time with an evil party, and that Max Payne 2 box is now calling my name since I’ve got a X800 XT installed in my Intel box (P4 3.4EE). I remember thinking the game was gorgeous last year, and was wondering how good it might look at 1600x1200 with 6x temporal AA enabled. :P

Edit: Oh, and Thief 3 for the fourth time with the latest John P texture updates also sounds like a good idea before the fall/Christmas game release flood hits.

Is there any reason you’re not playing R:TW? It’s definitely worth taking a look at if you haven’t already.

Or maybe you’re just not in the mood for a video game. Happens to me sometimes, you know. Maybe try a book.

Blade Runner! I forgot about that. Was the game I played that started my nostalgia trip. Was able to get three possible endings off the first try.

The patched up ToEE rocks.

I love the fact that you don’t really have to pay attention to the plot. Sure, you can try to infiltrate the Temple and all that jazz…

But the game makes it so damn easy to just plow through everything in your way and never feel like you missed anything.

I love it.

I was thinking exactly the same thing. I’ve been having the same lack of excitement gamewise of late. And then along came Rome and Richard Burns Rally!

I bought Rome but I’ve been waiting for a gameplay patch that addresses some of the niggling issues before really digging into it.

Kult is a fun little action-RPG if you’d like some Diablo-ish combat with a stronger storyline and some dialogue that occasionally lets you change the path of the game. The story was written by Chris Bateman’s company (Chris was a lead on the excellent Discworld Noir years ago).

It has some fresh ideas that work to some degree but the demo isn’t long enough to show them off very well. No distribution outside of Europe, yet.

Does anyone know: is this the Kult that had a Collectible Card Game based on it? I heard the CCG was good and gory, but I’m not sure if they relate…

I don’t know but I wouldn’t think so. This is a small developer from Serbia and the project was originally named ‘Cult’ until Chris Bateman’s guys “refocused” it.

It doesn’t look at all like the Kult CCG (which was one of the better CCGs trying to jump on the Magic bandwagon). And if it was the same, it would be the other way around - the CCG predates the game by several years.

I second this. Donkey Konga was the big hit in our loser’s lounge from this weekend’s poker game.

I just picked up MK:Deception, and although not a GREAT title, the combination of the arcade version, the adventure/quest game, the puzzle fighter game, and BEING ABLE TO PLAY AGAINST OTHERS VIA X-BOX LIVE make it well worth the cost of admission.

Plus I’m a total sucker for unlocking stuff, and with 400 ‘koffins’ to unlock, I’m having a good time with it (but why Midway do you think we want to spend ‘koins’ to see pictures of the programmers?!?!).

The Kult CCG game was probably based on the Kult pen and paper RPG game. Kult was published by Paradox Entertainment by the way, which also made Crusader Kings (the subject of another active thread). They’re largely moving out of the pen and paper sphere and into digital entertainment.