Bored Shitless

I have to find some new occupation with my free time. Surfing the net is getting old.

perhaps making some kind of “cool” website? or working on a mod? anyone else got any ideas?

Make a blog.

been there. done that. boring.

i even made blog authoring tools. even more boring.

any other ideas?

Do what I do.

Daydream about the things you’ll do when you finally go crazy.

Currently I’m dreaming up plans of terrorizing the city by attacking the police force.

You should ask this question of the
True Meaning of Life. They never, ever tire of these kinds of questions.

Why do you think God gave us Beer??? :D

If it was me, I’d be cranking out high quality, original NWN modules. I don’t even play NWN, but it sounds like fun.

Or, I would commit my life to attaining the highest command ranking in the Terran Republic so I could call down satellite strikes on New Conglomerate cities.

Since you’ve already accomplished all these lofty goals, DrDel, why not write a book about it?

Play games. Fer chrissake, I can never find enough time to play games. If you’re so bored, find some games and play 'em!



play WHAT games? I have played Age of Myth and NWN to death… those are the only games that turned my crank for the past year… the older I get the less attractive video games are becoming… it’s all the same crap, just with better gfx.

I literally sit around and refresh Blues and VE3D all day waiting for updates… can you say “loser”?

I have made NWN modules… it is a GREAT game … but I think I will make some more…

Hye del u punk, I challange jOoze to some UT2K3!!!

I’ll ownz jooze u pansy!!


Sounds like all you’re playing are PC games. Get a PS2 and Dark Cloud 2…you won’t come up for air for days.


Hey DrDel, if you’re so damned creative, find your own fun. Why should we wate our time with you? ;)

I have to find some new occupation with my free time. Surfing the net is getting old.

Get a job? Find a wife? Get married? Have kids?

Do not talk about Fight Club.