Bosch dishwasher: how the [email protected]%# to fill the drying agent reservoir...

…without spilling or overfilling it???

Just a thing that has happened a few times and it’s a bit frustrating, and I want to know if any other Bosch dishwasher owners here can give me a pro tip or two.

First of all, the fill opening for the reservoir is super tiny, and with the dishwasher door open the damned thing is about 13 inches off floor level at most. I saw a YT video that gave me the tip about stopping the hole on the top of the drying agent bottle with your index finger to limit its flow and that helps prevent a lot of spilling for sure.

That said, even though I’m making sure to direct the flow properly, once the bottle is upside down and I move my finger just enough to let a small stream out into what the manual says is its destination, it seems that some of it still overflows/leaks out onto the inside of the dishwasher door. What do I have to do, use a freaking eyedropper or something? Is the reservoir capacity like an ounce? This is insane.

Git Gud.

Heh. Honestly I think I’m going to have to get a straw, dip it in the bottle, stop up the other end and let it go into the cup. Like “nuking from orbit” it’s the only way to be sure.

Meh, some detergent for the prewash is a good thing anyway.

This is the “drying agent” though.

Yeah, sorry about that. That’s too fancy for me.

You can get one of these cheap on Amazon.

This thread needs more Crate and Barrel… Or is that the other Bosch thread?

Why not both?

That seems too simple a solution. Perhaps a full body harness to suspend @Papageno from the ceiling?

Thanks, that’s not a bad idea. What is such a beast called? “Squeeze bottle with dropper” or something? Have a link for the product by any chance?

Wow, how much time did you spend photoshopping that? Must be a slow day at work. Bravo, sir. :-)

Thanks! That looks like it’ll fit the bill nicely.

We ended up just buying a little tiny bottle of Finish (travel sized or something) and then refilling that from the big bottle – same idea as the wash bottle, though.

Glad to be helpful!

Sorry I thought this was the Hieronymous Bosch thread.

It may have been meant in jest, but yes, I did get better at pouring it in. I o=nly get spillage now with new bottles which seem to want spurt out the contents.

JMJ? Is that you?

Is it this kind of bottle? Because this is the kind mine comes in (and it sucks):

Yeah, never use that bottle to fill the dishwasher reservoir.