Bosch dishwasher: how the [email protected]%# to fill the drying agent reservoir...

So what do you use, something like what @RichVR suggested?

Yep, that’s the type of bottle.

I have a little Jet Dry bottle, is like 8oz, I just refill it.

I think it either came with the dishwasher as a sample, or I got it at cvs.

This could be an option, for maximum precision…

The real question now is , how often do you folks fill the drying agent reservoir? I swear it holds like 3 washes worth of fluid, at the max.

I’m not entirely sure why spilling a bit in that particular area would be a problem, but if it is, maybe this


would help? Wouldn’t solve the problem of overfilling though.

By the time I realize it’s full It’s overflowing all over the place in my Bosch dishwasher. Sometimes it seems like I’m just filling an empty door with the stuff as it doesn’t even feel like a real chamber.

Yeah, it would definitely be helpful if they gave us the slightest clue as to what the capacity of the reservoir is supposed to be. The instructions say basically “pour it into this teensy depression with teensy weensy holes in the bottom till you see the level of the liquid above those teensy weensy holes.”

I do just that, never see the liquid above the bottom of said depression, but start seeing a whole mess of the stuff which has somehow managed to leak out of the detergent+drying agent module.

Over here that comes in squeezy bottles with a narrow spout so it sprays straight into the reservoir.

Can’t tell you how relived I am to read that. I often wondered if mine was broke lol.

Not joking here, we have a small collection of mini funnels in the kitchen for the occasional item like this that pop up. It would be my first response.

Recent example, I make simple syrup and put it into a small squeeze bottle for easy dispensing. But I make it in a small pot on the stove, so getting it from A to B is the issue. Grab a funnel, problem solved.