Bosch (Not the Kitchenware)

Ah my favorite curmudgeon detective is back…no where the heck is Man in the High Castle Amazon!

It’s out, and it’s getting rave reviews. Plan to start it today.

Two episdoes in and looks like another solid season. Main plot is very “ripped from the headlines” but I’m sure will have a twist or two. Also looking to do more secondary story lines besides focusing mostly just on Bosch.

We’ve been looking forward to this! Unfortunately, we have to wait until this coming weekend to watch, but glad to hear about the great reviews. So much great television out there these days, that I’m getting far behind. Makes me wonder how much longer this current “golden age” can possibly continue.

So we’re four episodes in and the shit just hit the fan. No spoilers, but anyone already past this episode will know what I am talking about. That plot twist took me by surprise. I mean, I saw it coming but didn’t think it would go as far as it did. Some very fine acting by Titus Welliver and Madison Lintz in this episode.

This show is just so consistently amazing. Such great plotlines and characters, and the backdrop of L.A. that features prominently in every episode makes me want to visit there.

We just finished ep. 4, and yeah, shit, we totally didn’t see that coming. Heavy. If I didn’t have to get up for work in 4 hours, we’d head straight for the next episode.

I thought this was possibly the best season to date. I liked that there was less Bosch versus everyone because they just don’t understand, man (see below.) I felt last season got dragged down by that. Plus, the supporting characters get decent play and development. I hope they up for Season 5. I don’t know that Amazon’s new ‘we must outdo GoT’ strategy leaves room for shows like this, Ms. Maisel, or Mozart in the Jungle.

Just finished and agree it’s their best season yet. There’s still plenty of books in the series to get story ideas from so hope we hear about season 5 too.

Just finished episode 6. Very impressed by Jamie McShane as Sheehan. Really great acting throughout this season from everyone involved, but this guy is really nailing his performance. He’s just excellent.

Cool, probably my favorite Amazon series besides Man in the High Tower. Apparently there’s a number of books to use as material. Even ones where he leaves the police and becomes a PI later.

Excellent news. We love this show. It’s hands down the best thing on Amazon Prime, and I’d even rank it as one of the best shows ever produced for any streaming service.

On an unrelated note, I wonder who actually owns Bosch’s house? That view is crazy awesome.

Just $2 million and it could be yours! (Assuming the address at is accurate.)

Cool find, thanks! Wow, it sold for 789,000 in 2001. I bought my house in 2004, and it sure as hell hasn’t more than doubled in value since then. I wonder how much of that $2mil valuation is “Bosch effect” and how much is just crazy Los Angeles / California housing price bloat. Probably mostly the latter.

That’s just Zillow’s algorithmic guess at the price, based on the value of other houses in the area. Probably the actual price would be higher because the house is famous. (And probably you wouldn’t be able to buy it at all until the show is finished.)

What? You mean they wouldn’t want me wandering bleary-eyed into the scene…
“Sup Bosch? Maddie? Oh shit, was shooting here scheduled for today? Uh…I’m just gonna grab a yogurt out of the fridge and take off now…nice to see you guys. Sorry.”

That sounds like something that would happen in Bojack more.

Cool, Bosch going undercover. Never thought I’d care about watching another cop show again but this is just so well done. Can’t wait for the next season.

Season 5 is live!!!